The conductor's profession is relatively young. Previously, the role of the leader of the orchestra was performed by the composer himself, the violinist or the musician who played the harpsichord. In those days, conductors did without a baton. The need for an orchestra leader arose at the end of the 19th century, when the number of musicians increased, and they could not physically hear each other. The founders of conducting as an art form were Beethoven, Wagner and Mendelssohn. Today, the number of orchestra members can reach up to 120 people. It is the conductor who determines the coherence, sound, and overall impression of the work.

Famous conductors of the world scale

The best conductors of the world deservedly received this title, because they were able to give a new sound to familiar works, they were able to “understand” the composer, present the features of the era in which the author worked, express feelings with the harmony of sounds and touch every listener. It is not enough for a conductor to be at the head of the orchestra so that the team of musicians can enter the notes in time. The leader does not just set the beat and rhythm of the opera. He acts as a decoder of the recording, undertakes to convey as accurately as possible the mood of the author himself, the meaning that the creator wanted to share with the audience, to try to understand and revive the “spirit of the work”. It is these qualities that make a conductor a genius. The list of famous world-class conductors consists of such personalities.

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    Нееме Ярви (Neeme Järvi) |

    Cape Lake Date of birth 07.06.1937 Profession conductor Country USSR, USA He studied percussion and choral conducting classes at the Tallinn Music College (1951-1955), and after that he linked his fate with the Leningrad Conservatory for a long time. Here, N. Rabinovich (1955-1960) was his leader in the class of opera and symphony conducting. Then, until 1966, the young conductor improved his postgraduate studies with E. Mravinsky and N. Rabinovich. However, the classes did not prevent Yarvi from starting practical work. As a teenager, he performed on the concert stage as a xylophonist, played drums in the Estonian Radio Symphony Orchestra and in the Estonia Theatre. While studying in Leningrad,…

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    Mariss Arvydovych Jansons (Mariss Jansons) |

    Maris Jansson Date of birth 14.01.1943 Date of death 30.11.2019 Profession conductor Country Russia, USSR Maris Jansons rightfully ranks among the most outstanding conductors of our time. He was born in 1943 in Riga. Since 1956, he lived and studied in Leningrad, where his father, the famous conductor Arvid Jansons, was an assistant to Yevgeny Mravinsky in the Honored Collective of Russia Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmonic. Jansons Jr. studied violin, viola and piano at the secondary specialized music school at the Leningrad Conservatory. He graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory with honors in conducting under Professor Nikolai Rabinovich. Then he improved in Vienna with Hans Swarovski and in…

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    Арвид Кришевич Янсонс (Arvid Jansons) |

    Arvid Jansons Date of birth 23.10.1914 Date of death 21.11.1984 Profession conductor Country the USSR People’s Artist of the USSR (1976), laureate of the Stalin Prize (1951), father of Maris Jansons. About the symphony orchestra of the Leningrad Philharmonic, the younger brother of the honored ensemble of the republic, V. Solovyov-Sedoy once wrote: “We, Soviet composers, this orchestra is especially dear. Perhaps not a single symphony group in the country pays as much attention to Soviet music as the so-called “second” philharmonic orchestra. His repertoire includes dozens of works by Soviet composers. A special friendship connects this orchestra with Leningrad composers. Most of their compositions were performed by this orchestra.”…

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    Marek Janowski |

    Marek Janowski Date of birth 18.02.1939 Profession conductor Country Germany Marek Janowski was born in 1939 in Warsaw. I grew up and studied in Germany. Having gained significant experience as a conductor (leading orchestras in Aix-la-Chapelle, Cologne and Düsseldorf), he received his first significant post – the post of musical director in Freiburg (1973-1975), and then a similar position in Dortmund (1975-1979). During this period, Maestro Yanovsky received many invitations for both opera productions and concert activities. Since the late 1970s, he has regularly staged performances at the world’s leading theaters: at the New York Metropolitan Opera, at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, at opera houses in Berlin, Hamburg,…

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    Pavel Arnoldovich Yadykh (Yadykh, Pavel) |

    Yadykh, Pavel Date of birth 1922 Profession conductor Country the USSR Until 1941, Yadykh played the violin. The war interrupted his studies: the young musician served in the Soviet Army, participated in the defense of Kyiv, Volgograd, the capture of Budapest, Vienna. After demobilization, he graduated from the Kyiv Conservatory, first as a violinist (1949), and then as a conductor with G. Kompaneyts (1950). Starting independent work as a conductor in Nikolaev (1949), he then led the symphony orchestra of the Voronezh Philharmonic (1950-1954). In the future, the artist’s activities are closely connected with North Ossetia. Since 1955 he has been the head of the symphony orchestra in Ordzhonikidze; here…

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    Mikhail Vladimirovich Yurovsky |

    Michail Jurowski Date of birth 25.12.1945 Date of death 19.03.2022 Profession conductor Country Russia, USSR Mikhail Yurovsky grew up in a circle of famous musicians of the former USSR – such as David Oistrakh, Mstislav Rostropovich, Leonid Kogan, Emil Gilels, Aram Khachaturian. Dmitri Shostakovich was a close friend of the family. He not only often talked with Mikhail, but also played the piano in 4 hands with him. This experience had a great influence on the young musician in those years, and it is no coincidence that today Mikhail Yurovsky is one of the leading interpreters of Shostakovich’s music. In 2012, he was awarded the International Shostakovich Prize, presented by…

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    Dmitri Jurowski (Dmitri Jurowski) |

    Dmitri Jurowski Date of birth 1979 Profession conductor Country Russia Dmitry Yurovsky, the youngest representative of the famous musical dynasty, was born in Moscow in 1979. At the age of six, he began studying cello at the Central Music School at the Moscow State Conservatory. After the family moved to Germany, he continued his studies in the cello class and, at the initial stage of his musical career, performed as a concert cellist both in the orchestra and in ensembles. In April 2003, he began studying conducting at the Hans Eisler School of Music in Berlin. A subtle perception of opera helped Dmitry Yurovsky achieve success in opera conducting and…

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    Alexander Yurlov (Alexander Yurlov).

    Alexander Yurlov Date of birth 11.08.1927 Date of death 02.02.1973 Profession conductor Country the USSR Mr Choirmaster. Remembering Alexander Yurlov These days would have marked the 80th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Yurlov. An outstanding choirmaster and an iconic figure in the construction of the choral culture of Russia, he lived for insultingly little – only 45 years. But he was such a multifaceted personality, he managed to do so much that until now his students, friends, fellow musicians pronounce his name with great reverence. Alexander Yurlov – an era in our art! In childhood, many trials fell to his lot, starting from the blockade winter in Leningrad, when,…

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    Andriy Yurkevych |

    Andriy Yurkevych Date of birth 1971 Profession conductor Country Ukraine Andriy Yurkevich was born in Ukraine in the city of Zborov (Ternopil region). In 1996 he graduated from the Lviv National Music Academy named after. N.V. Lysenko majoring in opera and symphony conducting, class of Professor Yu.A. Lutsiva. He improved his performing skills as a conductor at the Polish National Opera and Ballet Theater in Warsaw, at the Chidzhana Academy of Music (Siena, Italy). Winner of the Special Prize of the National Competition. C.V. Turchak in Kyiv. Since 1996 he has worked as a conductor at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre. Solomiya Krushelnytska in Lvov. He made his debut…

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    Christoph Eschenbach |

    Christopher Eschenbach Date of birth 20.02.1940 Profession conductor, pianist Country Germany Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Washington National Symphony Orchestra and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Christoph Eschenbach is a permanent collaborator with the world’s most renowned orchestras and opera houses. A student of George Sell and Herbert von Karajan, Eschenbach led such ensembles as the Orchester de Paris (2000-2010), the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra (2003-2008), the North German Radio Symphony Orchestra (1994-2004), the Houston Symphony Orchestra (1988) -1999), Tonhalle Orchestra; was artistic director of music festivals in Ravinia and Schleswig-Holstein. The 2016/17 season is the maestro’s seventh and final season at the NSO and the Kennedy…