Music Terms – Q
Music Terms

Music Terms – Q

Quadrat (German square) – backer
Quadriglia (Italian quadril), Quadrille (French cadry, English quadril ) –
square dance lat. quadruplum) – 4-voice op. Quanto (lat., it. kuánto) – how much, how much Quanto possibile (kuánto possibile) – as soon as possible Quarta (lat., it. kuarta), Quarte (fr. cards), Quarte (German quarte) – quart Quart de soupir (French car de supir) – 1/16 pause Quart de ton (French car de tone) – 1/4 tone
Quarter tone (English kuóte toun) – 1/4 tone
Quartet (English kuótet), Quartett (German quartet), Quartetto (Italian quartetto) –
Quartetto d’archi quartet (Quartetto d’árki) –
Quartettino string quartet ( it. quartettino) – a small quartet
Quartgeige (German kvartgaige) – old, small. violin
Quartina (it. kuartina), Quartole (German quartóle), Quartolet (French cartolé) –
quartole Quartsextakkord (German quartsextakkord) – quartsextakkord
Quasi (Italian kuázi) – as it were, almost, like, like
Quasi chitarra(it. kuázi kitarra) – [play] like a guitar
Quasi niente (it. kuási niente) – nullifying
Quasi una fantasia (it. kuázi una fantasy) – like fantasy
Quatre (fr. katr), Quattro (it. quattro) – four; à quatre mains (fr. a quatre main), a quattro mani ( it. a quatro mani) – in 4 hands Quatre
quatre (fr. quatre quatre) – size 4/4 the era of the early Renaissance Quatuor (French katuór) – Quatuor a cordes quartet (French katuór a cord) – Quaver string quartet (English kueyve) – 1) 1/8 (note); 2) Que trill
, before the vowel – Qu ‘ (French ke, k) – what, to, how, than, which
Querflöte (German querflöte) – transverse flute
Querpfeife (German querpfeife) – a small flute, used in the military. orchestra; the same as Trommelflöte or Trommelpfeife
Querstand (German Querstand) – the
Questo list (It. Cuesto) – this, this
Queue (French ke) – calm; literally tail
Quick (English kuyk) – fast, fast
Quicker (kuyke) – faster; a little quicker ( e little kuyke) – a
little faster
(it. kvieto) – calmly
Quilisma (gr.-lat. quilisma) – a type of jewelry in the non-binding letter
Quint (eng. kuint), Quinta (lat. it. quinta), Quinte (fr. kent), Quinte (German quinte ) – 1) fifth; 2) one of the registers of the organ 3) the “mi” string on the violin
Quintaton (German quintaton) – one of the registers of the
Quinte organ (French Cant) – one of the types of viola; the same as Quinton
Quintenzirkel (German quintenzirkel ) – the
Quintett (German quintet), Quintette (French cantet), Quintetto (Italian quintetto) – quintet
Quintina (Italian Quintina), Quintole (German quintole), Quintolet (French cantole), Quintuplet (English kuintuplit) – quintol
Quinton (fr. canton) – one of the types of viola; the same as Quinte
Quintsextakkord (German Quintsextakkord) – Quintuor
Quintsextakkord (French Cantuór) –
Quitter Quintet (French Kite) – leave, throw, release [keys]
Quittez (Kite) – leave
Quittez en laissant vibrer (French kite) ai lessan vibre) – remove your hand, leaving the pedal
Quodlibet (lat. kuodlibet), Quolibet (fr. colibe) – the old name for a comic potpourri; literally anything you like

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