What programs are there for recording notes?

Music notation programs are needed to print sheet music on a computer. From this article you will learn the best programs for recording notes.

Creating and editing sheet music on a computer is exciting and interesting, and there are quite a lot of programs for this. I will name three of the best music editors, you can choose any of them for yourself.

None of these three are currently outdated (updated versions are released regularly), all of them are designed for professional editing, are distinguished by a wide range of functionality, and have a simple and user-friendly interface.

So, the best programs for recording notes are:

1)    Program Sibelius – this, in my opinion, is the most convenient of the editors, allowing you to create and edit any notes and save them in a convenient format: several options for graphic formats or a midi sound file. By the way, the name of the program is the name of the famous Finnish romantic composer Jean Sibelius.

2)    Final – another professional editor who shares popularity with Sibelius. Most modern composers are partial to Finale: they note the special convenience of working with large scores.

3)    In the program MuseScore It’s also a pleasure to type notes, it has a fully Russified version and is easy to learn; Unlike the first two programs, MuseScore is a free sheet music editor.

The most popular programs for recording and editing notes are the first two: Sibelius and Finale. I use Sibelius, the capabilities of this editor are enough for me to create example pictures with notes for this site and for other purposes. Someone may choose free MuseScore for themselves – well, I wish you success in mastering it.

Well, now, again I am glad to offer you a musical break. Today – New Year’s music from childhood.

P.I. Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the ballet “The Nutcracker”


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