Chords for Ukulele

Starting to master the Ukulele, we advise you to start from this section. Here we tried to collect the lightest chords on a UKULE for beginners which will help you get acquainted with this musical instrument. Having mastered a little, go from simple chords of songs to more complex. Having passed all the categories of this section and learning to play the compositions presented in them, you will understand that you have ceased to be a newcomer and you can play most songs without much difficulty.

  • Chords for Ukulele

    Ukulele Chords – Fingerings

    Here are the most commonly used ukulele chords. Here are three main chords from each note, including sharps – major, minor and seventh chord. Chords A (A) A Am A7 Chords A# (A sharp) A# A#m A#7 H or B chords (B) H hm H7 Chords C (C) C cm C7 C# Chords (C Sharp) C# C#m C#7 D (D) chords D Dm D7 D# (D sharp) chords D# D#m D#7 E (Mi) chords E Em E7 F chords F fm F7 F# (F sharp) chords F# F#m F#7 G (G) chords G gm G7 G# (G sharp) chords G# G#m G#7 How to use chord fingerings Fingering – a schematic representation of a chord on the fretboard of a ukulele. In all images, the…