Music Theory

Dear musicians! Music accompanies a person throughout his life. The music itself comes to life only in a live performance, in real sound. And for this you need a performer who masterfully masters his musical instrument and, of course, who understands well how music works: what laws it obeys and what rules it lives by. We know these laws and will be happy to tell you about them. The material is presented in a simple and understandable language, contains many sound examples. In addition, you can immediately test your knowledge: at your service are many interactive practical exercises - music tests. Also at your service are virtual musical instruments: a piano and a guitar, which will make learning more visual and simple. All this will help you easily and with interest to plunge into the wonderful world of music. The better you understand music theory, the deeper will be the understanding and perception of music itself. And we sincerely hope that our site will help you with this. Welcome to the wonderful world of music!