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Staccato, staccato |

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ital. – abruptly, from staccare – tear off, separate

Short, abrupt performance of sounds, clearly separating them from each other. Belongs to the main methods of sound production, is the opposite of legato – a coherent performance of sounds with the smoothest possible, imperceptible transitions from one to another. It is indicated by the word “staccato” (abbr. – stacc, a general indication for a relatively extended passage) or a dot at the note (usually placed at the head, above or below, depending on the location of the stem). In the past, wedges at notes also served as staccato signs; over time, they came to mean a particularly sharp staccato, or staccatissimo. When playing fp. staccato is achieved by lifting the finger very quickly from the key after being struck. On stringed bowed instruments, staccato sounds are produced using jerky, jerky movements of the bow; usually the staccato sound is played one bow up or down. When singing, staccato is achieved by closing the glottis after each of them.

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