Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) |

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) |

Berliner Philharmoniker

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Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) |

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) | Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (Berliner Philharmoniker) |

Germany’s largest symphony orchestra based in Berlin. The forerunner of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra was a professional orchestra organized by B. Bilse (1867, Bilsen Chapel). Since 1882, on the initiative of the Wolf concert agency, the so-called concerts have been held. Large philharmonic concerts that have received recognition and popularity. From the same year, the orchestra began to be called the Philharmonic. In 1882-85 concerts of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra were conducted by F. Wulner, J. Joachim, K. Klindworth. In 1887-93 the orchestra performed under the direction of X. Bulow, who significantly expanded the repertoire. His successors were A. Nikisch (1895-1922), then W. Furtwängler (until 1945 and in 1947-54). Under the direction of these conductors, the Berlin Philharmonic has gained worldwide fame.

On the initiative of Furtwangler, the orchestra annually gave 20 folk concerts, held popular concerts that were of great importance in the musical life of Berlin. In 1924-33, the orchestra under the direction of J. Prüver performed annually 70 popular concerts. In 1925-32, under the direction of B. Walter, subscription concerts were held, in which works by contemporary composers were performed. In 1945-47 the orchestra was led by conductor S. Chelibidake, since 1954 it was led by G. Karajan. Outstanding conductors, soloists and choral ensembles perform with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1969 he toured the USSR. After the 2nd World War 1939-45 the Berlin Philharmonic was located in West Berlin.

The activities of the orchestra are financed by the city of Berlin together with Deutsche Bank. Multiple winner of the Grammy, Gramophone, ECHO and other music awards.

The building that originally housed the orchestra was destroyed by bombing in 1944. The modern building of the Berlin Philharmonic was built in 1963 on the territory of the Berlin Kulturforum (Potsdamer Platz) according to the design of the German architect Hans Scharun.

Music directors:

  • Ludwig von Brenner (1882-1887)
  • Hans von Bülow (1887-1893)
  • Arthur Nikisch (1895-1922)
  • Wilhelm Furtwängler (1922-1945)
  • Leo Borchard (1945)
  • Sergio Celibidake (1945—1952)
  • Wilhelm Furtwängler (1952-1954)
  • Herbert von Karajan (1954—1989)
  • Claudio Abbado (1989—2002)
  • Sir Simon Rattle (since 2002)

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