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Elementary Music Theory – the initial course in the cycle of music-theoretical. disciplines containing DOS. information about the most important elements of music. He teaches in secondary music. uch. institutions – as a special subject on historical and theoretical. departments (f-max) and as a general (mandatory) to perform. departments, as well as in the choreographic. uch-shah and pedagogical. uch. general establishments. The course of E. t. m. includes the following sections: musical notation; general concepts about the elements of music and the means of music. expressiveness – rhythm, meter, fret, tonality, intervals, chords, tempo, dynamics, melodic forms. movements, melismas, about music. syntax, harmony connections of main chords in tonality and intratonal deviations. A number of information on music. literacy is separated from the course of E. t. m. and included in the solfeggio course, intended for children’s music. schools and evening schools of general music. education.

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