Read and you will find

Read and you will find

Read and you will find

When I work with beginner vocalists, I hear with some amusement explanations that they only want to sing, but don’t want to go deeper into the music because learning theories seems too complicated for them. Of course, there is no problem singing only what you hear and feel. However, I think that every ambitious singer, sooner or later, will experience a situation in which ignorance of the musical language will turn out to be an obstacle in further development and even cooperation. It is enough to start playing with instrumentalists for whom the issue of using the same language is essential for efficient and effective work.

Vocalist, if you don’t want to be a “Typical Singer”, start working on yourself. Music theory, knowledge of chords, intervals and concepts of rhythmic divisions and articulation is a fairy tale compared to learning Chinese. Ba! It is a fairy tale compared to learning Polish. And yet you can do it. Take a deep breath and dive into the world of music. Surround yourself with it not only by listening to it and getting it out of yourself. Read on!

“The key to life is running and reading. When you run there is a little man who says to you: I’m tired, I’m gonna spit my guts out, I’m so tired, I can’t run any further. And you want to give up. As you learn to beat this little man while you run, you will learn how to keep going when things in your life get really hard. Running is the first key to life.

Reading. The reason why reading is so important. Somewhere out there were millions of millions of people who lived before all of us. There is no new problem you may have. With your parents, with school, with your boyfriend, with anything else, there’s no problem you might have that someone hasn’t solved before and wrote a book about it. “

Will Smith

There are many great books that can clearly explain many of the basic concepts needed to understand the laws of music. One of them is, for example, “Let’s Learn Solfege” by Zofia Peret-Ziemlańska and Elżbieta Szewczyk. In understanding many concepts, the “Music Glossary” can also help us. Once you’ve learned to recognize notes and build chords out of them, try playing your favorite songs. Nothing expands a singer’s imagination more than the ability to accompany himself on an instrument. There are a number of publishers on the market related to popular music that can be learned to play the piano and guitar. Who wouldn’t want to become independent? I encourage you to look for your favorite notebook. I have already found mine 🙂

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