Double guitar: design features, history, types, famous guitarists

Double guitar: design features, history, types, famous guitarists

The double guitar is a stringed musical instrument with an additional fingerboard. This design allows you to expand the standard range of sound.


The history of the double neck guitar dates back several centuries. The first variations were named after the harp guitar. This is a separate family of instruments with a large number of open strings that make it easier to play individual notes.

Similar to modern acoustic variants, Aubert de Trois invented at the end of the XNUMXth century. At that time, the invention was not widely used.

Instrument manufacturers began experimenting with twin models during the popularization of swing in the 1930s and 1940s. In 1955, Joe Bunker created the Duo-Lectar in 1955 to enhance the sound of his compositions.

The first widely used double neck guitar was released by Gibson in 1958. The new model became known as EDS-1275. In the 1960s and 1970s, many famous rock musicians such as Jimia Page used the EDS-1275. At the same time, Gibson releases several more popular models: ES-335, Explorer, Flying V.

Double guitar: design features, history, types, famous guitarists


A popular variant of the double-neck guitar has one neck of a regular 6-string guitar and a second neck tuned like a 4-string bass. Pat Smear of the Foo Fighters uses this look in concert.

Often used is a type of guitar with two identical 6-string necks, but tuned in different keys. In this case, the second one can be used during the solo. Also the second set of strings can be like an acoustic guitar.

A less common variation is a mixture of 12-string and 4-string bass. The Rickenbacker 4080/12 was used by the Rush group in the 1970s.

Twin bass guitars can also have the same necks tuned in different keys. Normal tuning on these instruments: BEAD and EADG. There are variations with one regular and second fretless.

Double guitar: design features, history, types, famous guitarists

Exotic options include hybrid models. In such models, next to the guitar is the neck of another instrument, such as mandolin and ukulele.

Notable guitarists

Most famous double-neck guitarists play in the rock and metal genres. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin started playing the double model back in the 1960s. One of his most famous compositions is Stairway to Heaven. The solo in the song is performed on the second fretboard.

Other popular guitarists include Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, Steve Clarke of Def Leppard, Don Felder of The Eagles.

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