Ioakim Viktorovich Tartakov (Ioakim Tartakov) |

Ioakim Viktorovich Tartakov (Ioakim Tartakov) |

Ioakim Tartakov

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Ioakim Viktorovich Tartakov (Ioakim Tartakov) |

Ippolitov-Ivanov. “Twilight” (Joakim Tartakov)

Debut 1881 on the provincial stage. Soloist of the Mariinsky Theater in 1882-84 and since 1894 (debut as Rigoletto). Since 1909 the main director of this theater. Among the best parties are Demon, Eugene Onegin, Mazepa, Tomsky, Yeletsky, Gryaznoy, Germont and others. The first performer on the Russian stage of the part of Hamlet in the opera of the same name by Tom (1892, Moscow). In 1892 he toured with Pryanishnikov’s troupe in Moscow, where he performed the parts of Demon and Valentine in Tchaikovsky’s Faust. Toured abroad, including at the Grand Opera (1900).

Among the directorial works of Tartakov are Nero by Rubinstein, The Barber of Seville. taught. Among the students of Kuznetsov, M. Davydov, Z. Lodiy. Died in a car accident.

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