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Even if a bear stepped on your ear, and attempts to go to a music school ended at the first audition at the flute department, you should not give up the idea of ​​gathering a rock band with friends or buying a luxurious piano. To master the guitar or the synthesizer, it is not necessary to sit on the solfeggio and sing in the choir.

Choosing a teaching method

Forget horror stories about many hours of learning scales and beating hands with a ruler for incorrect hand placement on the instrument. Fortunately, there are much more humane ways to get involved in music.With a teacher - in a group or individually. Group training is usually cheaper, you can learn from other people's mistakes and be inspired by other people's results. For an individual approach, you will have to pay a larger amount, but at the same time, the training will be tailored to your specific goal. Some courses may provide you with an instrument for rent. With private lessons at home, you will have to purchase your own.Independently (according to tutorials and video tutorials). This method still requires at least a basic knowledge of musical notation, as well as more time. So, with a mentor, after three months of regular lessons for an hour three times a week, you will be able to play more than ten favorite melodies on the guitar. With the independent development of this instrument with the same regularity of classes, learning one melody can take more than a month. If you have no experience with a musical instrument, you should at least find a teacher for the first few lessons.

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    Learning to play the Mandolin

    The mandolin is a stringed plucked musical instrument. She takes her origin from the Italian lute, only her strings are smaller and the sizes are much inferior to her progenitor. However, today the mandolin has surpassed the lute in popularity, as it was loved in many countries of the world. There are several varieties of this instrument, but the most used of them is the Neapolitan one, which acquired its modern look at the end of the 19th century. It is the Neapolitan type of instrument that is considered the classic type of mandolin . How to tune and learn how to play the Neapolitan mandolin is discussed in the article. Training To competently…

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    All about the Yakut khomus

    Thinking about mastering the original musical instrument, it makes sense to turn your attention to the Yakut khomus. Learning to play the jew’s harp is not particularly difficult, but the emerging music will not leave anyone indifferent. What it is? The Yakut khomus, also known as the vargan, is a musical instrument of the indigenous people of the Republic of Sakha. It is generally accepted that the history of its existence dates back more than 5 thousand years. Always considered an attribute of shamans, khomus has a mystical, like a cosmic sound, which distinguishes it from all other musical devices. It is said that an object that fits in the palm of your hand…

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    How to play the Djembe?

    The traditional musical instrument of West Africa has a deep sound and an interesting rhythmic pattern. The cube-shaped drum is made of solid wood. The wider upper is covered in zebra, cow or goat leather. The wooden surface is always decorated with patterns and sacred drawings. How to setup? It is very interesting to play the djembe, because the drum has an unusual sound. Before you start, you need to set up the tool. There is a rope on the drum, it should be properly tied. A special node system is used. You should braid the drum with a rope until the sound is correct and clear. When the whole circle is passed, it is necessary to make…

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    Musical instrument komus – learn to play

    There are many amazing places in Altai. A peculiar culture, history, traditions attract tourists from different parts of the country. And one of the interesting and iconic things is the komus musical instrument. If you wish, you can master the game on it and enjoy it. Description The musical instrument komus is also called the Altai jew’s harp. The first acquaintance with this unusual object usually occurs when it is in the hands of a master. In order to enjoy playing the komus, you first need to learn the simplest techniques. The instrument itself fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It is a rod, on both sides of which there are structures that are…

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    How to learn to play the button accordion?

    In our country, playing the button accordion attracts many people who want to join the music. But one should not be surprised at this situation, since the sounds of this truly folk musical instrument with a beautiful timbre are very close to the emotional experiences – joyful or sad – of a person. And those who apply maximum attention, perseverance and perseverance to learning will certainly be able to master the button accordion on their own. What needs to be considered? It is easier for a beginner to start learning to play a ready-made (ordinary three-row) button accordion, which has three rows of buttons in the right keyboard. On this instrument, mastering the…

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    How to learn to play the kalimba?

    Kalimba is one of the most ancient musical instruments with African and Madagascar roots. In its sound and appearance, it strongly resembles a harp or cymbals. The main feature of the kalimba is the presence of metal reeds, which are used here instead of strings. How to hold? Despite the fact that this instrument is of African origin, it gained its popularity in Cuba. It was brought here during the global colonization, and it was here that the basic rules for using this musical instrument were developed. In order to achieve the right sound, you need to correctly hold the instrument. Kalimba should be taken with both hands and kept on weight. The tongues should be…

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    Features of the Chinese Flute

    Knowing the features of the Chinese flute is necessary for everyone who chooses a more exotic instrument for themselves. Be sure to figure out how to play xiao. The music of the ancient bamboo musical instrument (transverse flute) is perceived very well even in the 21st century. What is this musical instrument? The ancient Chinese xiao flute is an outstanding cultural achievement of the ancient civilization. This wind instrument has a tightly closed bottom end. It is customary to use it both as a solo musical instrument and as part of an ensemble. Linguists agree that the term “xiao” itself appeared in imitation of the sound emitted. The division of Chinese flutes used now appeared at…

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    How to learn to play the organ?

    In any ranking regarding the difficulty of learning to play a musical instrument, the organ rightfully ranks first. There are very few good organists in our country, and only a few of high-class ones. It is worth clarifying that the conversation is now about wind instruments, which in the old days were installed in temples or rich mansions. But even on modern models (purely electronic or electromechanical), learning to play is also quite difficult. About the features of learning on the organ, playing technique and other nuances that beginner organists have to overcome, are described in the article below. Learning Features The main feature of playing the organ is that the musician must act…

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    How to play the duduk?

    Duduk is an ancient Armenian wind musical instrument resembling a flute. Its appearance is a pipe made of hardwood, but instruments made of apricot wood reproduce a particularly enchanting sound. There are 8 holes on the case (there are models that have 7 or 9 of them) on the playing side and 1 hole (or 2) on the reverse side. Playing the duduk cannot be called simple, since it has its own difficulties and peculiarities, just like other musical instruments. Before you start playing, you need to learn the basics of technology. Fingering When playing the duduk, all fingers of both hands are used. The index, middle, ring and little fingers are needed to…

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    How to play the Flute?

    The flute is considered to be one of the oldest wind musical instruments. Varieties of this instrument are found in many world cultures. Today, the most popular type of flute is the transverse flute (most commonly referred to simply as the flute). And also the longitudinal variety, or block flute, has become widespread, but not so wide. Both versions of the flute are suitable for self-study, their device is simple and understandable for beginners who do not have a musical education. Basic Rules To learn how to play the flute, it is not necessary to have a musical education and to know musical notation. But you will need certain motor and respiratory skills and,…