How to keep a child’s interest in learning music?
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How to keep a child’s interest in learning music?

Many are familiar with the situation when a child enthusiastically starts studying at a music school, but after a couple of years wants to quit everything and talks about the “musician” at best with boredom, and at worst with hatred.

How to be here?

Tip number one. Give your child a goal.

Learning anything is a lot of work, and music, which is not mandatory for everyone, requires effort and daily practice, is especially difficult! And if your child’s only motivation is “I study because my mother wants to,” then he won’t be enough for a long time. As practice shows, for a couple of years, while he is still small.

Why is he studying music? Ask him this question himself – and listen carefully. If there is a goal, it is clear and understandable, then everything is simple: support it, show how to achieve it with the help of classes at a music school and at home, help with advice and action.

It is a little more difficult if there is no goal as such, it is vague or does not motivate enough. Your task in this case is not to impose your own or some worthy, in your opinion, goal, but to help find your own. Give him a couple of options and see what happens.

  • For example, draw a picture of how at a school concert he will play a cover of a song by a popular band, and not an 18th century minuet – in the eyes of his friends he will immediately become cool!
  • Show how you can attract admiring glances by playing an instrument. Many examples! Take at least the popular group “The Piano Guys” : the guys became famous all over the world precisely thanks to the arrangement and performance of popular melodies.
Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter - The Piano Guys
  • Or Luca Stricagnoli , a virtuoso guitarist: his most popular video is a performance of “Thunderstruck” (AC/DC).
Luca Stricagnoli - Thunderstruck (AC/DC) - (Guitar)
  • Find and share videos of professional musicians, they inspire! Be like “that guy with the guitar” – who doesn’t want to?
But whatever the goal, the main thing is your support! Do not forbid him to play what he loves, pay attention not only to homework from the “musician”, but also to his own creativity. Listen to him, be interested and in no case criticize, even if it doesn’t turn out very well yet. He is studying.

If you still have a baby

If you are still a toddler , create games that are fun to play at this age.

How to keep a child’s interest in learning music?

– Arrange a home concert for relatives, and turn training into preparation for this concert.
– Let him play tunes from cartoons or children’s films … Chat with him and find something that will light up his eyes!
– !Important note: remove all critics and ill-wishers from the concert! Invite those who sincerely rejoice and support the budding genius!

Just remember: whatever the goal is, it must not be yours. This should be your child’s goal.

When she appears, consider half the battle done. Lessons in the “musician” will turn from obligatory into a tool to achieve the goal. Even boring minuets and scales will acquire meaning, understandable and definite. And what is very important – the goal will ensure constant practice!

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