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Even if a bear stepped on your ear, and attempts to go to a music school ended at the first audition at the flute department, you should not give up the idea of ​​gathering a rock band with friends or buying a luxurious piano. To master the guitar or the synthesizer, it is not necessary to sit on the solfeggio and sing in the choir.

Choosing a teaching method

Forget horror stories about many hours of learning scales and beating hands with a ruler for incorrect hand placement on the instrument. Fortunately, there are much more humane ways to get involved in music.With a teacher - in a group or individually. Group training is usually cheaper, you can learn from other people's mistakes and be inspired by other people's results. For an individual approach, you will have to pay a larger amount, but at the same time, the training will be tailored to your specific goal. Some courses may provide you with an instrument for rent. With private lessons at home, you will have to purchase your own.Independently (according to tutorials and video tutorials). This method still requires at least a basic knowledge of musical notation, as well as more time. So, with a mentor, after three months of regular lessons for an hour three times a week, you will be able to play more than ten favorite melodies on the guitar. With the independent development of this instrument with the same regularity of classes, learning one melody can take more than a month. If you have no experience with a musical instrument, you should at least find a teacher for the first few lessons.

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    How to play the clarinet?

    Children can start learning to play the clarinet from scratch from the age of 8, but at the same time, small clarinets of C (“Do”), D (“Re”) and Es (“E-flat”) scales are suitable for learning. This limitation is due to the fact that larger clarinets require longer fingers. Around the age of 13-14, the time will come to discover new possibilities and sounds, for example, with a clarinet in B (C) scale. Adults can choose any version of the instrument for their training. Correct positioning of the clarinetist Starting learning to play a musical instrument, a beginner must first learn how to hold it correctly and place it for playing. Particular attention is…

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    How to play the seven-string guitar?

    The seven-string guitar was once very widespread in our country, and its popularity surpassed the enthusiasm for the six-string classical instrument. Nowadays, everything has changed exactly the opposite: the seven-string is not always seen even in music stores. However, there are always those who want to learn how to play the guitar with 7 strings, which is sometimes called “Russian” or “Gypsy”. To help them – the article below, which tells about the setup of this instrument and the basics of playing it. Setting In fact, the Russian and Gypsy seven-strings have the same construction, differing only in their settings . The Russian scale is G major (G-scale), and the Gypsy scale is G-minor (Gm-scale). This…

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    How to play guitar with a mediator?

    There are a large number of musical instruments, from which sounds are extracted with a wide variety of objects: wooden sticks, hammers, bows, thimbles, and so on. But when playing acoustic and electric guitars, special plates of a heart-shaped or triangular shape, called “picks”, are used. These small items of an auxiliary accessory for sound production began their history in ancient times when playing many musical stringed instruments in various parts of the globe. But the mediator gained particular popularity with the advent of electric guitars, which is explained by the fact that there is simply no more effective way to play them, except as a mediator. How to keep? In more ancient…

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    How to play the jew’s harp?

    The reed self-sounding musical instrument harp has a fairly simple design. In the opening, the tongue oscillates freely, with the help of which the sound is created. In this case, the oral cavity and nasopharynx of the musician act as a resonator. Mastering the instrument is not so difficult, the main thing is to learn how to hold it correctly. Basic Rules A musical instrument can be arc and lamellar. Learning to play the jew’s harp is quite interesting. The simple design allows you to create mesmerizing melodies. The sound is affected by the physical characteristics of the instrument, especially its vibrating part. The easiest way to set up a jew’s harp is if there is…

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    What does a Lyre look like and how to play a musical instrument?

    Despite the fact that the lyre is one of the oldest musical instruments, more and more musicians are interested in the question of how to learn how to play it. Before becoming educated in ancient art, you should learn about the features of the lyre, as well as consider in detail its main varieties and some recommendations regarding performance techniques. What it is? The musical instrument lira belongs to the stringed plucked varieties, the feature of which is 7 separate strings. The number of string components is the number of planets symbolizing the harmonic component of the Universe. The lyre was actively used in ancient Greece. Based on the design features, the lyre…

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    What is a Melodika and how to play it?

    Melodika is a unique musical instrument that is popular in many countries. Before you purchase this product and learn how to play it, you should read its detailed description and step-by-step instructions for learning. History of occurrence Although there are a lot of disputes and various theories regarding the emergence of melody in society, this wind musical instrument was invented in Germany in the middle of the last century. A little later, he gained wide popularity in our country. As the main musical instrument, the so-called flute with keys was used by the musician Phil Moore. The famous jazz artist in 1968 recorded an album called Right On. Description In fact, a melody is a…

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    How to play Dombra?

    The Kalmyk dombra chichirdyk is a folk instrument with a bright, unusual sound and a rich history. Similar instruments are common in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other Asian countries. Dombra, of course, is not as popular as the guitar, but a person who has mastered the art of playing it will not be left without attention. Therefore, it is important to understand how to learn how to play the Kalmyk dombra, what knowledge is required for this. What is needed to play? The initial development of the tool involves 4 steps. You need to learn how to sit properly with the instrument. The back should be straight, shoulders relaxed. The right foot is placed on the…

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    Learning to play the Сello

    Learning to play the cello The cello belongs to stringed bowed musical instruments of the violin family, so the basic principles of playing and technically possible techniques for these instruments are similar, with the exception of some nuances. We will find out whether it is difficult to learn to play the cello from scratch, what are the main difficulties and how a beginner cellist can overcome them. Training The first lessons of the future cellist are no different from the initial lessons of other musicians: the teachers prepare the beginner for direct playing the instrument. Since the cello is a rather large musical instrument, approximately 1.2 m long and about 0.5…

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    Learning to play the Balalaika

    Tool build. Practical information and instructions. Landing during the game. 1. How many strings should a balalaika have, and how should they be tuned. The balalaika should have three strings and the so-called “balalaika” tuning. No other tunings of the balalaika: guitar, minor, etc. – are not used for playing by notes. The first string of the balalaika must be tuned according to the tuning fork, according to the button accordion or according to the piano so that it gives the sound LA of the first octave. The second and third strings must be tuned so that they give the sound of the MI of the first octave. Thus, the second and third strings should be…

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    How to learn to play Electric Guitar

    Many people dream of learning how to play the electric guitar. Just imagine: after spending some time, you can perform your favorite rock, metal or blues songs for your friends and for your own pleasure. Moreover, in stores and on the Internet, you can choose and buy an instrument of any level – from the budget “Samick” to the cooler “Les Paul” or “Fender Stratocaster”, which are played by musicians of famous bands. Is it difficult to play the electric guitar? Mastering the electric guitar can seem like a daunting task that takes years. But it’s not. Despite the fact that the principle of playing differs from the acoustic guitar, everyone can learn to…