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from lat. quarta – fourth

1) An interval of four steps; denoted by the number 4. They differ: a clean quart (part 4) containing 2 1/2 tones; increased quart (sw. 4) – 3 tones (also called a tritone); reduced fourth (d. 4) – 2 tones; in addition, a double-increased quart can be formed (twice increase 4) – 31/2 tones and twice reduced fourth (double mind. 4) – 11/2 tone.

The fourth belongs to the number of simple intervals not exceeding an octave; pure and increased fourths are diatonic intervals, because they are formed from the steps of diatonic. scale and turn into pure and diminished fifths, respectively; the rest of the fourths are chromatic.

2) The fourth step of the diatonic scale. See Interval, Diatonic scale.

V. A. Vakhromeev

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