How to turn your head with dancing? Types of oriental dances

How to turn your head with dancing? Types of oriental dances

How to turn your head with dancing? Types of oriental dancesGirls in the east conquered their lovers by dancing. Not surprising, because they embodied beauty, femininity and sexuality. They contain the extraordinary strength and culture of many peoples. Types of oriental dances include a whole range of belly dances. How to turn your head with the oriental charm of dancing? First, you should familiarize yourself with their varieties.

Belly dance is divided into classical, folk and modern. Classic belly dance is standard, generally accepted. Folk belly dancing includes many varieties of Arabic dances. Modern belly dance is an interweaving of movements that originated in the Ancient East and flourished in modern Europe. So, let’s take a closer look at the types of oriental dances and methods of seduction.

Classical oriental dance

It has 5 standard leg positions, in which the main thing is to be stable on your feet, without resting on your big toe. But there are also positions “on half fingers”; they are also often used in the classical style.

There are 3 hand positions in this dance. A feature of smooth hand movements is the formation of an “eye” (semicircle) with the hands. The clothes are made from light translucent fabrics with a minimum of decoration. Smooth lines, “royal posture” – these are the basic rules, without which not a single dance will be successful.

Tip: If you want to perform an oriental classic, but “modernize” it a little, you must wear a bodice, belt and wide skirt that are already a thing of the past. To make the dance unusual, you can dance it in a short skirt with a top and experiment with modern jewelry.

Folk belly dancing

These oriental dances are associated with the traditions of a particular nationality. Each type had its own meaning: miraculous movements were dedicated to the gods, labor, and the fight against the enemy. Here are some of the types of folk dances of the East:

  • Saber dance. This is a fusion of femininity and belligerence, it is famous for beautifully balancing on the stomach, head or hips.
  • Khalidji. It places emphasis on the beauty of the costume and the long flowing hair of the dancer.
  • Saidi. Its main element is the cane. In this dance, the girl’s head must be covered with a scarf, and the clothing is not navel-revealing garments, but a tight-fitting dress.
  • Nubian. It is danced in groups; a tambourine and a reed plate are dance accessories.
  • Dance with a scarf. Its performance requires maximum acting skill, it is considered one of the sexiest, as the scarf playfully covers and then reveals the dancers’ beautiful body.
  • Dance with the snake. This is a rare and daring dance that requires special skills.

Tip: if you’re going to conquer, then with one of the folk oriental compositions. Such dances are not a traditional performance, but something new that can really win the heart of your lover.

Екатерина Чернышова - Танец живота (СТБ).avi

Modern oriental dances

They differ from other types of oriental dances in their spirit and similarity of show, they no longer carry extraneous meanings and traditions, there is nothing in them except beauty, grace and sexuality. These are “tribal” and “tribal fusion” compositions.

  • “Tribal” collected from individual elements of African and Asian dances, it is performed by a group of girls. Their clothes are decorated with beads, beads and feathers, which distinguishes “tribal” from classical dances.
  • “Tribal Fusion” – this is the newest wave in the history of all dances. It combines European elements. This dance is performed in groups and solo. It is interesting that synthesized and rather heavy modern music can act as accompaniment. They perform “tribal fusion” in costumes of various oriental peoples; the choice of clothing depends on the structure of the dance.

Tip: In “fusion” it will be appropriate to make a contrast in the music: the alternation of a modern melody and an oriental composition will turn “tribal fusion” into an irresistible masterpiece.

Супер Трайбл Фьюжн!!! Танцует EHABY. (tribal fusion belly dance)

Any type of oriental dance has its own “zest”. And it doesn’t matter what style is chosen – classical, folk or modern dances, it is important to “put yourself” into the dance, completely surrender to the music and the smoothness of movements…

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