Types of modern dances: choreography for every taste

Types of modern dances: choreography for every taste

Types of modern dances: choreography for every tasteModern dance consists of a huge number of types and subtypes of dance movements, therefore it is considered the most extensive section in choreographic art.

It includes such types of dances as ballroom, jazz, modern, contemporary and other slightly less popular types of modern dance. Each direction has its own characteristics, which makes modern dance a rich and vibrant direction in choreography.

Types of modern dances: jazz dance

Despite its name, modern dance is not so young compared to other types of dance art. For example, jazz dance is the most “mature” subsection of this direction, since it originates at the end of the 19th century.

Jazz dance has its own movements, which differ in both dance techniques and manner of performance. These are step, funk, soul, Broadway jazz, classic jazz, Afro-jazz, street, freestyle and many other types.

The youngest direction of jazz dance is soul. Its distinctive feature can be considered a large number of different movements per unit of tempo, which are performed with maximum stretching in time.

However, the most striking type of modern dance is flash jazz, which amazes with the complexity of dance tricks, virtuosity and a large number of dance techniques, which makes it similar to ballroom dance.

Джазовый танец. "Бродвей"

Jazz dance, especially street jazz, played an important role in the development of modern choreographic art and became the progenitor of fly-by-night dances and youth dance styles such as boogie-woogie, break, rap, house. You may have noticed that the names of the dances coincide with common styles of modern popular music.

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Types of modern dances: ballroom dance

Ballroom dance today is an independent type of sports art, which was formed from a mixture of historical and everyday dance, jazz dance, as well as social one-day dances. In the modern dance world, ballroom dance includes Latin American and European programs.

The Latin American program includes dances such as:

  • Cha-cha-cha
  • Samba
  • Rumba
  • PasoDoble
  • Jive

Performers of the European program dance:

  • Slow waltz.
  • Viennese Waltz.
  • Slow foxtrot.
  • Quickstep.
  • Tango.

These types of modern dances involve beautiful movement of not only the body, but also the face. This gives ballroom dancing even more expressiveness and liveliness.

Школа спортивных бальных танцев Киев - Самба Samba

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Types of modern dances: modern

The peculiarity of this type of modern dance is its philosophical approach to movement and rejection of the canons of classical dance. This type of dance is characterized by the relationship between the dancer’s movements and rhythm-forming fundamentals, as well as the search for a second and third level of musical accompaniment.

Teen Modern (Horton) Dance Performance - Choreographed by Ashani Mfuko

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Types of modern dances: contemporary dance

An important point in this modern direction of choreographic art is the connection between the dancer’s internal emotional state and the form of dance itself. Contemporary dance involves the maximum use of internal resources using various techniques, such as dance and contact improvisation, release.

Wind contemporary dance

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Many types of modern dances, as well as folk dances, are extremely popular both among young people and among mature people. This is not surprising, because the beauty of the virtuosity of performing jazz dances, the soulfulness and harmony of the slow waltz and the transfer of state and mood in contemporary dance are not only very impressive, but also make you think about the scale of this direction in the art of choreography.

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