Vocalist’s New Year’s repertoire

Vocalist’s New Year’s repertoire

New Year is a time not only for celebration, but also for concerts for vocalists, both beginners and experienced, who have been performing on stage for many years. At this time, not only large concerts take place at all venues in the city, but also events at the music school.

Vocalists New Years repertoire

The vocalist’s New Year’s repertoire should always be bright and interesting so that the audience remembers both the number itself and the performer. A few practical tips will help you present yourself beautifully at any New Year’s celebration.

How to choose a repertoire for a New Year’s concert

Among the many New Year’s songs that are heard on the radio or on the Blue Light, unfortunately, it is not always possible to choose beautiful songs for a vocalist, especially with an academic voice. But even a simple romance or aria can be made part of a New Year’s fairy tale if you play with the festive image correctly. To do this, you need to imagine it as part of the New Year’s holiday, and then it will sparkle with new bright colors.

Even Carmen’s aria will make a new impression if the soloist sings it in a New Year’s red satin dress with a boa made of large white tinsel. But in order to choose the right one, you need to adhere to the following tips:

  1. In extreme cases, the content of New Year’s songs can describe a summer or spring memory of love that has passed. I wanted to remember her on New Year’s Eve, and maybe just think that it’s not too late to revive my feelings.
  2. Often songs from the repertoire of Blestyashchikh, Kristina Orbakaite and club singers have many repetitions and a dynamic rhythm. It involves dance accompaniment, so in a solo performance such songs will not create a bright effect and can be perceived as poor-quality vocal performance. Therefore, it is worth choosing a vocalist’s New Year’s repertoire that will show the beauty of your voice, nuances, professionalism and will be able to immerse the viewer in the New Year’s story.
  3. It needs to be not just illustrated, but shown. For example, Carmen can flirt in front of Jose at the New Year’s party, capturing his heart once and for all in a striking way, for example, in a long red dress with a Santa Claus cap, charming her admirer. Or “Ave Maria” by Caccini can become a wonderful prayer to higher powers for love in the New Year near a decorated Christmas tree. With an interesting New Year’s story, even familiar arias acquire intrigue, especially since the heroes of the approaching holiday become the protagonists. Therefore, songs for the vocalist should not only be about snow, Santa Claus and the New Year’s tree, then the concert will turn out to be unusual, lively and interesting. But it’s still worth choosing a few interesting songs for a New Year’s themed holiday concert, where the words “snow, frost, blizzard, blizzard, cold, ice, frost, New Year and gift” appear. And the final song of the concert must be dedicated to the New Year.

Vocalists New Years repertoire

Classical repertoire for the New Year’s concert – List

  1. The Call of the Snow Maiden with beautiful melismas is rarely performed in the concert repertoire. But in the first numbers it sounds very beautiful, if you beat it and fit it into the New Year’s program.
  2. Evgenia Yuryeva. A simple but beautiful piece that can be included in the New Year’s program of a classical vocalist. This work can also be taken into the folk repertoire, since listeners love it very much.
  3. Glinka. This work was written back in 1839 and is dedicated to the wedding of Nicholas I and Maria Nikolaevna. It beautifully describes the story of a bride, love and waiting for a loved one. The music of this romance sounds very solemn and bright and it can become a decoration for any New Year’s concert.
  4. Gurilev. This work includes a dramatic story of a broken heart. When performing, you should not overly dramatize the content; the romance should be performed easily and fit organically into the festive program of the concert.
  5. A very beautiful New Year’s song that can sound good in an academic performance. It can also be included in the folk and pop repertoire.

Modern songs for New Year’s performance

They can be included in children’s and teenagers’ repertoire, depending on the content. Such songs can be supplemented with a jazz repertoire in English with thoughtful New Year’s images.

  1. A very beautiful piece in which the vocalist can show off his talents.
  2. A funny song for a boy who bought a ticket to the New Year’s ballet. It will look good in children’s repertoire.
  3. It is written in the form of a waltz and is rarely performed in concerts, but children really love this song.
  4. A wonderful piece for duets or trios, as well as ensemble performance. Suitable for children of any age.
  5. The song shows the strengths of the voice and also sounds great in an ensemble performance. Suitable for teenagers and high school students. The main thing is to feel the content of the song.
  6. A neutral and beautiful song that is suitable for any age. Listens well to a live performance, especially with a group of instruments, and not with a backing track.
  7. There are 2 versions of the words to this song on the Internet. It is worth choosing the earliest one, as it is more romantic. It should also be performed with modern instruments in order to get into the key, since the vocalist sings first, then the introduction comes. The words about night in this song should be understood and interpreted as an invitation to the New Year’s holiday, and not in any other meaning.
  8. A modern song about the vagaries of Russian weather. Requires good acting.
  9. It is very rarely sung, but everyone likes it.
  10. A simple but quite romantic song that requires a good transition to the upper register.
  11. This song can be divided among all performers and performed as the final number. The song is very kind and bright, with a pleasant sound and good wishes.
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