Three pillars in music

Song, march, dance have become very firmly established in our lives, sometimes it is even impossible to notice it, much less connect it with art. For example, a company of soldiers is marching, naturally they do not engage in art, but it entered their lives in the form of a march, without which they can no longer exist.

There are countless examples of this, so let’s look at these three pillars of music in more detail.

First whale: Song

Of course, a song is one of the oldest forms of art, where, along with words, there is a simple and easy-to-remember melody that conveys the general mood of the words. In a broad sense, a song is everything that is sung, simultaneously combining words and melody. It can be performed by one person or by a whole choir, with or without musical accompaniment. It occurs in a person’s daily life every day – day after day, probably from the moment when a person began to clearly formulate his thoughts in words.

Second pillar: Dance

Just like song, dance dates back to the origins of art. At all times, people expressed their feelings and emotions through movements – dance. Naturally, this required music to better and more clearly convey the essence of what was happening in movements. The first mentions of dance and dance music were found during the ancient world, mainly ritual dances expressing respect and honor to various deities. There are quite a lot of dances at the moment: waltz, polka, krakowiak, mazurka, czardash and many others.

Third pillar: March

Along with song and dance, marching is also the basis of music. It has a pronounced rhythmic accompaniment. It was first found in the tragedies of ancient Greece as an accompaniment accompanying the appearance of actors on stage. Many moments in a person’s life are associated with marches of different moods: cheerful and cheerful, festive and marching, mournful and sad. From the conversation of composer D. D. Kabalevsky “On the three pillars of music,” one can draw a conclusion about the nature of the march, namely, each individual work of this genre has absolutely its own character, not similar to others.

Song, dance and march – the three pillars of music – support the entire huge, vast musical ocean as a foundation. They are present everywhere in the art of music: in the symphony and opera, in the choral cantata and ballet, in jazz and folk music, in the string quartet and piano sonata. Even in everyday life, the “three pillars” are always near us, regardless of whether we pay attention to it or not.

And finally, watch the video of the group “Yakhont” for the wonderful Russian folk song “Black Raven”:

Черный ворон (группа Яхонт)

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