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Chick Corea’s favorite piano

Chick Corea is a Scientologist and living jazz legend . One of the most prolific composers and a virtuoso keyboardist. During his career, he received twenty Grammy awards for the best jazz in the world .

The character of Chick Corea is a constant search for something new and a craving for experiments. He was able to create in a variety of musical styles: jazz , fusion, bebop, classical, while maintaining the highest quality standards. He understood the very basics of music and was able to work in such a wide range of styles that some call him a ” jazz encyclopedist”. Now he has more than 70 albums very different in style. By the way, the ability to learn anything is one of those abilities for which Chick thanks Scientology.

His music is considered very unusual, tender and touching, and his performance is multifaceted and virtuoso. The singer of freedom and “one’s own way” in music chooses an instrument that can convey any message from one being to another without distorting it even by a semitone. And that instrument is a Yamaha acoustic grand piano .

Coria has been with Yamaha since 1967 and is still a fan of these instruments. The piano, as it were, “responds” to the musician and makes it possible to sound the most beautiful ideas that are born in his imagination.

"I Play Yamaha"- Chick Corea

Chick Corea, a tireless creative spirit, continues his active concert activity at the age of 75!

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