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ital.; Old French. estrabot; Spanish esrambote

A poetic form that was widespread in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries. S. is a one-line poem of 8 lines. Rhyming may be different. Main variety S. – so-called. the Roman octave, or simply the octave (abab abcc), met, etc. the Sicilian octave, or Sicilian (abababab), etc. The form was widely used in poems representing imitations of folk poetry. The most famous author was Serafino dal ‘Aquila from Rome. Since its inception, S. has been closely associated with music – poets often created S. as a wok. improvisations accompanied by a lute. The surviving manuscript collections and editions of S. show that their muses. the incarnation could be different: in the early samples, the melody spanning two lines was repeated on the following ones, in later samples it embraces 4, sometimes even all 8 lines. Poems in the form S. were sometimes used as poetic. basics of madrigals.

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