Interesting forms of academic concerts: how to make an exam a holiday?

Interesting forms of academic concerts: how to make an exam a holiday?

Interesting forms of academic concerts: how to make an exam a holiday?An academic concert at a music school is an educational performance at which a young musician demonstrates his skills. Unlike the exam, the form of the educational academic concert is freer – both in the choice of repertoire and in the very concept of the conduct. This event is open to parents and friends of students.

Preparing for a concert is a responsible process for both the teacher and the student. A concert performance is an exciting event for a performer.

An academic concert at a music school does not have to be held strictly according to the regulations – the student and the commission. Create an exciting scenario and gather all the students in the class in one concert, invite the commission and school teachers, and parents.

The main content of the concert is this, you can vary it. Students enjoy performing their works in a friendly atmosphere. Children play with each other more freely, learn to evaluate the level of performance, and can choose a melody they like for their repertoire.

Interesting forms of academic concerts

Musical evening by one composer

Having students perform pieces by a particular composer will be an excellent learning experience. The concert script can be built on a story about the facts of the biography and style of the musician-composer, and the music performed will serve as confirmation. Give preference to children’s albums by classical and contemporary composers; their uniqueness is that the pieces in the collection can be selected for both beginners and adult pianists. For example:

  • “Children’s albums” of classics of Russian and Soviet music;
  • V. Korovitsin “Children’s Album”;
  • S. Parfenov “Children’s Album”;
  • N. Smelkov “Album for youth”;
  • Plays by E. Grieg, N. Smirnova, D. Kabalevsky, E. Poplyanova and others.
Themed music evening

Such a concert is a reflection of the teacher’s imagination. Draw up a script and select the repertoire in such a way that an academic concert turns into an extraordinary themed evening of music. Here are some examples.

  • “Multi-remote and cinema”

Concert of music from films and cartoons. To select your repertoire, use L. Karpenko’s collections “Album of a Music Connoisseur” and “Antoshka. Melodies from cartoons.”

  • «Musical portrait”

The concert repertoire is based on bright program pieces that evoke a living association. For example: I. Esino “The Old Cellist”, I. Neimark “The Cheerful Postman”, V. Korovitsin “Street Magician”, K. Debussy “The Little Negro”, etc.

  • “Music Presentation”

For each piece performed, the student prepares a creative presentation – draws a picture, or selects a poem. The purpose of the concert is to reveal the synthesis of arts.

  • “Music in spring colors”

The concert repertoire may include the following works:

Interesting forms of academic concerts: how to make an exam a holiday?

Presentation of a painting for a piece of music. Photo by E. Lavrenova

  • A. Raichev “Rucheyok”;
  • P. Tchaikovsky “Snowdrop”;
  • N. Rakov “Primroses”;
  • Yu. Zhivtsov “Flute”;
  • V. Korovitsin “The First Thaw”;
  • S. Parfenov “In the spring forest” and others.

After performing the pieces, students receive a sheet containing the names of the performers and their program. Let the concert participants rate the performances in points and determine the winner. You can come up with different nominations (best cantilena performance, best technique, artistry, etc.). Such an academic concert is a great incentive to study.

Congratulation concert

This academic option is relevant for the holidays “Mother’s Day”, “March 8”, etc. You can invite students to prepare a postcard for a performance at a concert in advance, learn a poem and please their parents with a “comprehensive” creative surprise.

Interesting forms of academic educational concerts contribute to the development of the creative imagination of students and teachers, stimulate productivity, give rise to healthy competition, and most importantly -.

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