About the benefits of playing the recorder – an instrument for the harmonious development of a child’s musical abilities

About the benefits of playing the recorder – an instrument for the harmonious development of a child’s musical abilities

About the benefits of playing the recorder - an instrument for the harmonious development of a child’s musical abilitiesAre you a caring parent, and are you not indifferent to the development of your child and, as a consequence, his fate? Are you looking for different teaching methods for your child, and wondering which one is the most effective?

In this case, there is one answer that would probably be of interest to many concerned parents. This is learning to play the recorder. Here are just a few facts about this tool.

  • The recorder is now gaining considerable popularity among ethnic groups, especially among young people. She is gaining more and more new fans. Its capabilities are quite large, and it is not just a “pipe”, but a real musical instrument.
  • A recorder is a small longitudinal flute. It belongs to the family of woodwind instruments and is made of wood or plastic. On the body you can see several small “holes-places” for fingers.
  • The recorder is very light in weight; it takes up so little space that you can take it with you everywhere. Just imagine: a warm summer evening, you are sitting by the fire in a friendly company and playing the recorder. Most likely, this will add to your popularity and general attention.
  • The voice of this flute is very pleasant, soft and melodic. It is not without reason that in Waldorf schools the recorder is widely used in the learning process: the teacher uses it to call children together, and in addition, almost all the children learn to play it.

About the benefits of children playing the recorder

But you shouldn’t think that recorder only provides musical development. The range of its ennobling effects is much wider. Learning to play the recorder perfectly develops memory and attention, which is so necessary for schoolchildren and those children who are just about to cross the threshold of school. Articulation also develops well, which helps eliminate speech therapy difficulties.

The child will constantly practice breathing exercises, which means his voice will also become stronger. The recorder is “prescribed” for children suffering from frequent respiratory diseases and even more serious health problems.

And further. Don’t forget about fine motor skills. Yes, yes, finger coordination is extremely effective in developing a child’s fine motor skills. After all, you need to constantly think about how to position your fingers so that the recorder produces its delicate sound. But everyone knows how fine motor skills help develop a child’s intellectual abilities, therefore, we can safely say that playing the recorder will make your child smarter.

The last aspect, but no less important than the previous two, is the psychological side of the issue. A recorder will give your child a sense of self-confidence, as well as a sense of importance, which is so necessary for every person. This instrument, despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly popular, nevertheless remains unique. Consequently, your child will acquire a unique skill and become different from others, which will also have a positive impact on his self-esteem.

The recorder has a lot of advantages, starting from its size and ending with its price. Just imagine your child playing, for example, the cello. Of course, this instrument also has many advantages, but the recorder is in a more favorable light in terms of weight and size.

The price of this flute is so low that it doesn’t even compare to a trip to the grocery store. Even if someone accidentally sits on it or some other damage occurs, nothing bad will happen, because you can simply purchase a new tool, and it will not be expensive.

You’ve probably already seen the enormous benefits of learning to play this instrument. Now the task is to find a talented and experienced teacher for your child. But that is another story.

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