“Two Etudes” by M. Giuliani, sheet music for beginners

“Two Etudes” by M. Giuliani, sheet music for beginners

“Tutorial” Guitar Lesson No. 16

In this lesson, we will consolidate the material of the last lesson on the “apoyando” technique and at the same time use the etude II by the Italian guitarist Mauro Giuliani as an exercise to develop the mobility of the thumb of the right hand. Despite the indicated tempo Allegretto (Lively) take your time, because the tempo in this etude is not the most important thing. Pay attention to notes with stems up – this is the topic that must be highlighted. To get started, simply play these notes with stems up to hear the theme and mark it for yourself as an apoyando melody. Starting to disassemble this sketch, pay attention to the indicated fingers of the right and left hands. Stick to the fingering strictly, the fingering of both hands is very important in this study. At first, slight difficulties are possible due to the weak mobility of the thumb (P), but as you learn the etude, these problems will pass. Play the metronome study at a slow tempo, gradually increasing the tempo if you see that there is some progress.

Two Etudes by M. Giuliani, sheet music for beginners

Giuliani’s etude, marked with the Roman numeral IV, contains the solution of similar performing tasks to the “apoyando” technique. As in the previous etude, the theme is notes written with stems up. In the third measure of the third line of the piece, while playing the sound G with the fourth finger of the left hand (first string), do not remove it for one and a half measures while changing the chords with the second and third fingers of the left hand.

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