“Siciliana” F. Carulli, sheet music for beginners

“Siciliana” F. Carulli, sheet music for beginners

“Tutorial” Guitar Lesson No. 17

How to play the play by F. Carulli “Siciliana”

Siciliana Ferdinand Carulli is a simple, beautiful and effective piece for guitar. Having learned it and brought it to a good performing level, you will have something to surprise your friends with. Starting from this lesson, we will slightly expand the study of the guitar range. If before this lesson the first three frets of the fretboard were enough, and it was already possible to perform simple pieces, now their number is increased to five. And for the first time you will play the piece in six beats. You can count up to six in this size, but they usually count like this (one-two-three-one-two-three). Siciliana begins with an out-beat and therefore a slight emphasis must be placed on the first beat of the next measure, as if on these three notes in the out-beat to increase the gradual sonority to the chord. Pay your attention to the fourth measure of Siciliana, where the circles (with blue paste) mark the strings (2nd) and (3rd). Very often, my students, when faced with familiar notes that they previously played on open strings, cannot immediately figure out how to play them on closed strings.

Now about the seventh and eighth bars of this piece: notes, under which there is a fork indicating increased sonority and then there is a sign (Р) – quiet. Try to play the nuances that the author wrote. The fingering of these notes (7th – 8th fret) indicates that they should all be played on the second string (fa-6th fret, sol-8th), but it is easier to play re-4th finger on the second, and then on the first string open mi, fa- 1st finger 1st fret of the 1st string, G-4th finger 3rd fret of the first string. With this fingering, the hand remains steady and ready to play the Am chord that follows this short passage of four notes.

Further about the eighth and ninth measures from the end: these two measures will have to be taught separately. The fingering should be like this – the middle of the 9th bar from the end: to sharp with the second finger along with the open G string, then F with the third, and re with the fourth, then mi (4th string) with the second finger along with the first open string. The eighth bar from the end: re 4th open string together with fa 1st finger 1st string, then comes the open 1st string mi and then fa-4th string 3rd finger, and re on the 2nd string 4th finger. Put down this fingering in the notes so that you don’t have to return to this place. Turning to the second volt, pay attention to the exposed accents >. Play slowly at first using a metronome to get a feel for the rhythmic basis of the Siciliana. Do not forget about the nuances – the gradation of volume is of great importance here.

Siciliana F. Carulli, sheet music for beginners

“Siciliana” F. Carulli Video

Siciliana - Ferdinando Carulli


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