How to silently record a guitar? – reamping

How to silently record a guitar? – reamping

How to silently record a guitar? - reampingHome studio does not limit your options, quite the contrary!

Generally speaking, homerecording has become extremely popular in recent years. Technical possibilities, access to the equipment allows for professional recordings in the comfort of your home. So many guitarists can give up the stressful and costly recording of their tracks in the studio and start working in the conditions they choose. It is also worth noting that while in the previous decades the best results of recording the guitar were obtained by spinning up tube amplifiers to the limit, which was associated with an unacceptable level of decibels in “normal” conditions. Today we can enjoy a saturated, tube-like sound without exposing ourselves to our neighbors.

One of the ways that will give you the most satisfactory results is by reamping. What is this? How to do it? What equipment do you need to stock up on? We answer now!

Generally speaking, re-amping is the process of recording guitar, bass and in special situations vocals, which consists in processing previously recorded tracks. It is worth noting that, as in traditional recording methods, with reamping, we also record our tracks with a guitar amplifier. The whole process is to output the raw signal from the DAW while changing the impedance to a higher one using a device such as the Reamp Box. When connecting the cable that sends the signal to the amplifier, we need to mic this amplifier. Thanks to this procedure, we can effectively create and find the best sound we are looking for. In the case of vocals, this process works well when we want to add additional effects to the pure tone of the voice, which will “dirty” the overall character of the whole. We can then add them to the pure path.

What do we need?

In addition to the aforementioned peamp-box, we need to equip ourselves with standard recording equipment, DAW software, audio interface, microphone, cables, stands … and most importantly – our favorite guitar and amplifier, because they really create our sound!

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