How to make a ukulele from a guitar

How to make a ukulele from a guitar

A ukulele is a smaller version of a traditional classical guitar that has only 4 strings instead of 6. This musical instrument is suitable for hiking, it is easier to play, because you need to clamp only 4 strings. To convert an acoustic guitar into a ukulele, you need to know how to properly tune the instrument and rearrange the strings on it.

The sound quality depends on this.

How to make a ukulele from a guitar

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Remove the 5th and 6th strings from the guitar, since these strings are not on the ukulele.
  2. The 4th string changes to the first. You need to remove the 4th string and put the 1st guitar string in its place.

How to make a ukulele from a guitar

The rules for replacing metal strings are as follows:

  1. On the headstock , the pegs are loosened . Musicians use special instruments called turntables, although this operation is performed by hand.
  2. When the string weakens, you need to unwind it to the end, release it from the peg.
  3. On the saddle take out the plugs that hold the string. For this, pliers or special tools are useful. The main thing is to do everything carefully so as not to damage the appearance of the instrument.
  4. When the pin is removed, the string is removed from the instrument.
  5. If necessary, you can clean the body or neck , removing dust and dirt.
  6. To set the string to another place, you need to do the same steps, but vice versa: insert the string into the nut coil, fix it with a cork; thread the other end of the string into the peg and turn it clockwise.
  7. When the string is fixed, its extra end can be bitten off with wire cutters.

A nylon string changes in the same way as a metal one. The exception here is the rule not to tug the strings. In the case of nylon samples, the opposite is true: they can be pulled, because nylon, unlike metal, is malleable and soft.

How to make a ukulele from a guitar

When the reinstallation is completed, you need to configure the tool. For this, a special device is used that allows you to correctly tune the ukulele to the desired sound, which differs from the sound of the guitar:

  1. You need to tune the first string, as is usually done on a guitar.
  2. Hold the 5th fret and check the game.

Rookie Mistakes

Often beginner musicians make the following mistakes:

  1. Do not hold the pin while changing the string. This must be done with one hand, otherwise it will break out of the splitting from significant tension . When installing the second end of the string, you need to carefully turn it, pull it slowly, otherwise the string may break from overvoltage.
  2. It is necessary not to overtighten the metal strings so as not to damage them.
  3. If there are no necessary skills, it is better to entrust the alteration of the tool to the master.

Answers on questions

Is it possible to create a ukulele with your own hands?Yes, if you change the strings on the guitar correctly and remove the extra ones.
How to make a ukulele from a guitar?It is necessary to bring the number of strings to 4, removing the extra ones, and rearrange the 4th string in place of the first.


Before you make a ukulele with your own hands, you need to learn how to remove and rearrange the strings. An ordinary classical guitar with metal or nylon strings is suitable for the instrument.

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