“Andantino” by M. Carcassi sheet music for beginners

“Andantino” by M. Carcassi sheet music for beginners

“Tutorial” Guitar Lesson No. 12

How to play “Andantino” on the guitar

In this lesson, your attention is presented to the simple piece “Andantino” by the Italian guitarist Matteo Carcassi. This piece is taken from an old guitar school written by Matteo himself. The popularity of Carcassi’s simple and interesting pieces is surprising because until now all modern self-taught books begin precisely with the simple musical heritage of this renaissance guitarist. It seems that there is nothing special to play here, but some little things are worth paying attention to. The size with a treble clef is written in four quarters – in the denominator, the number of beats of the measure in the numerator is the duration (each measure is calculated for four quarter notes). “Andantino” begins with an upbeat, therefore, we consider it three and four and then we put a little emphasis on the first beat (time). When performing, try not to highlight, but rather play a little quieter note G on the open third string. The fact is that this note always falls on a weak beat (and) being an accompaniment (second plan). This piece has reprise marks (repetition marks), they mean that you should repeat the first part of the Andantino twice, then the second. Pay your attention to the fact that in the play there are signs of alteration F sharp and C sharp, as well as a sign of failure of their action bekar.Andantino by M. Carcassi sheet music for beginners Bekar means that the sharp sign no longer has an upward effect on the note and the note is played as usual (here it is the note (to) that is played on the first fret of the second string).

Andantino by M. Carcassi sheet music for beginnersAndantino by M. Carcassi sheet music for beginners

Andantino by M. Carcassi Video

"Andantino in C" by Matteo Carcassi


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