Cheap classical guitar to learn

Cheap classical guitar to learn

Choosing the right classical guitar for learning, which will meet the expectations in terms of quality and sound, but will not burden our budget too much, is not an easy task. Especially in times when the so-called “instruments” can be bought even in popular food discount stores, you should pay special attention to what sellers offer us.

The word “instruments” was deliberately placed in quotation marks, because their quality of the “discount” ones very often differs from any violin making standards. So let’s remember that the guitar, regardless of the price and country of production, is a violin and the only safe way to buy it is a professional music store specialized in this industry.

However, let’s focus on a specific instrument that, in my opinion, deserves the most attention when it comes to choosing a classical guitar for learning to play.

The NL15 Natalia model by Miguel Esteva is produced in three sizes – ½, ¾ and 4/4. The offer is therefore addressed to adults and children of virtually all age groups. The guitar has been a hit on the music market for some time. Thanks to the very careful workmanship, good sound and comfort of playing, Natalia has become a favorite instrument of professional playing teachers, and thus very often recommended by them.

Construction: Regardless of the size, all Natalia guitars are made of the same types of wood. By the way, the manufacturer pays great attention to the quality and seasoning of the materials.

The top plate is made of high-quality spruce, which is the most popular wood used to create this guitar part. A mahogany neck is also carefully glued to the mahogany soundboard. Hardwood fingerboard (hard deciduous wood) with carefully studded and polished medium size frets. The construction of the guitar seems to be a key issue, influencing the sound and comfort of use. The convenience of the game is Natalia’s main advantage, which is crucial when it comes to first contact and learning to play.

Spruce top plate, source:


The aforementioned wood species are the most responsible for the sound of the whole. Spruce in combination with mahogany gives a balanced, well-piercing sound. The guitar sounds warm and does not impose unpleasant high tones, while the bass is not boomy. These unwanted features, but unfortunately common in cheap guitars, were successfully eliminated in Natalia’s case. The precise combination of all elements is responsible for the quality of the sound, and more precisely for the resonance of the instrument. The described model, also in this case, leaves the competition far behind and there are no shortcomings or compromises. The solid keys hold the tuning very well and have a positive effect on intonation.

Instrument head with appropriately selected clefs, source:

Overall rating:

Considering the price and its relation to quality, it is safe to say that the Miguel Esteva Natalia is an unrivaled instrument. Moreover, even more expensive guitars from some brands perform differently with the NL15. Natalka seems to be perfect for learning, but even more advanced instrumentalists will also find many positive elements in it that cannot be found in other producers. Personally, I like the precision of workmanship, the comfort and the ease of producing sound the most. When buying this model, we can be sure that it will serve longer than the warranty period requires, the sounds produced will be clear, without humming and loss of intonation. The appearance also deserves praise. The classic, elegant high-gloss finish will also appeal to those who attach great importance to the visual side.

Miguel Esteva Natalia, size 4/4, source:
Yamaha C30, Miguel Esteva Natalia, Epiphone PRO1- test porównawczy gitar klasycznych


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I became convinced of this instrument very quickly. After reading the above test, I decided to visit the Home Army store and compare several models of guitars for PLN 400-600. Natalia won. As the author of the text wrote, the main advantages are the execution and a pleasant fretboard that encourages rather than discourages learning.


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