How to learn to sing beautifully: basic rules of vocals

How to learn to sing beautifully: basic rules of vocals

How to learn to sing beautifully: basic rules of vocalsMany people dream of learning to sing beautifully. But is this activity suitable for everyone, or is it a science for the elite? For most singers, the melody of their voice sounds light and free, but it’s not all that simple.

When singing, speech position, correct body position, sense of rhythm, and emotional state are important. In addition, your breathing, diction, and articulation will affect the purity of intonation of sounds. To develop each skill, appropriate exercises are required.

Let’s start with breathing and correct body position when singing. In the question “how to learn to sing beautifully,” it is the aspect of body position that is of primary importance. Dropped shoulders without lifting when making sounds, feet shoulder-width apart, a straight back, support on the heels – all this is very, very important.

Breathing should be abdominal or mixed, that is, you need to breathe with your stomach. And only to them, without raised shoulders, and without drawing air into the chest. Practice has formed the basic rules for creating correct singing breathing:

  • inhale quickly, lightly and imperceptibly (without raising your shoulders);
  • after inhaling, you need to hold your breath for a short time;
  • exhale – evenly and gradually, as if you are blowing on a lit candle.

Exercise to develop diaphragmatic breathing: place your hands on your ribs and breathe so that the ribs and abdominal cavity expand, without moving your shoulders. More exercises:

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If you don’t know how to learn to sing beautifully, start by training proper breathing. Next – diction and articulatory apparatus. Do the following exercises to develop them:

  1. Learn to pronounce tongue twisters clearly.
  2. “Bra-bra-bri-bro-bru” on one note at a fast tempo, pronounce the letter “r” well.
  3. Moo with your mouth closed. It will be beneficial only when the correct resonator sensations appear during the exercise; you should be able to feel the vibration of the nasal tissues well. It is very important to sing with your mouth closed at the beginning.
  4. “Ne-na-no-nu”, “da-de-di-do-du”, “mi-me-ma-mo-mu” – we sing on one note.
  5. There should be a kind of “dome” in the mouth, an apple, everything should be relaxed and free in the oral cavity.
  6. It is useful to make various grimaces, imitate animals, convey emotions; this relaxes the jaw well and removes all tightness.

Your emotional state can also control the ligaments. Your future success is how much you can get rid of voice compressions and incorrect sound flow. Try to let the sound come out of the diaphragm easily and freely, do not raise or lower your chin.

Setting the soft palate to the “yawn” position will create the conditions for the formation of vowels; it affects their rounding, timbre, high position and color. If you sing high notes, you need to raise the soft palate more, creating a high “dome”. Then sound production will be simple.

Are you looking for information online on the query “how to learn to sing beautifully”? It is important to polish different forms of singing. Singing on staccato is a sharp, clear, sharp sound. Stacatto activates the work of the ligaments well, it is very useful for sluggish tone of the vocal muscles, with a hoarse sound. When singing staccato, lean on the diaphragm.

Singing in legato produces a cantelian, melodious, smooth sound. To practice smooth singing, you need to sing any phrases smoothly, melodiously, in one breath.

To learn to sing beautifully, many things are important: the desire to develop, determination, patience, putting your soul and emotions into your own songs. Hearing can be gradually developed and sound deficiencies can be corrected. Be interested in famous singers and singers.

Author – Marie Leto

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