Waldemar Nelsson |

Waldemar Nelsson |

Woldemar Nelson

Date of birth
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the USSR

Waldemar Nelsson |

Since 1971 he was Kondrashin’s assistant in the orchestra. Moscow Philharmonic. In 1977 he emigrated to Germany. In 1980 he performed at the Bayreuth Festival (Lohengrin), in 1985 here in Spanish. “Flying Dutchman”. He performed in Barcelona (1986, “Boris Godunov”). In 1980-87 Ch. dir. op. t-ra in Kassel. Nelsson – 1st Spanish. op. “Black Mask” by Penderecki (1986, 3rd Alz. Fest). Since 1990 Ch. dir. Royal op. Copenhagen (amongst the post. “Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District” by Shostakovich, 1991). He also performed in the USA (Washington, New York, etc.). In 1994 Spanish. Lohengrin in Nancy. Recordings include Lohengrin (LD, soloists P. Hoffmann, C. Armstrong, E. Connel, L. Poap, Ph.).

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