The conductor's profession is relatively young. Previously, the role of the leader of the orchestra was performed by the composer himself, the violinist or the musician who played the harpsichord. In those days, conductors did without a baton. The need for an orchestra leader arose at the end of the 19th century, when the number of musicians increased, and they could not physically hear each other. The founders of conducting as an art form were Beethoven, Wagner and Mendelssohn. Today, the number of orchestra members can reach up to 120 people. It is the conductor who determines the coherence, sound, and overall impression of the work.

Famous conductors of the world scale

The best conductors of the world deservedly received this title, because they were able to give a new sound to familiar works, they were able to “understand” the composer, present the features of the era in which the author worked, express feelings with the harmony of sounds and touch every listener.It is not enough for a conductor to be at the head of the orchestra so that the team of musicians can enter the notes in time. The leader does not just set the beat and rhythm of the opera. He acts as a decoder of the recording, undertakes to convey as accurately as possible the mood of the author himself, the meaning that the creator wanted to share with the audience, to try to understand and revive the “spirit of the work”. It is these qualities that make a conductor a genius. The list of famous world-class conductors consists of such personalities.

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    Karl Ilyich Eliasberg |

    Karl Eliasberg Date of birth 10.06.1907 Date of death 12.02.1978 Profession conductor Country the USSR August 9, 1942. On everyone’s lips – “Leningrad – blockade – Shostakovich – 7th symphony – Eliasberg”. Then world fame came to Karl Ilyich. Almost 65 years have passed since that concert, and almost thirty years have passed since the death of the conductor. What is the figure of Eliasberg seen today? In the eyes of his contemporaries, Eliasberg was one of the leaders of his generation. His distinguishing features were a rare musical talent, “impossible” (by Kurt Sanderling’s definition) hearing, honesty and integrity “regardless of faces”, purposefulness and diligence, encyclopedic education, accuracy and punctuality…

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    Carl Schuricht |

    Carl Schuricht Date of birth 03.07.1880 Date of death 07.01.1967 Profession conductor Country Germany The famous German music critic Kurt Honelka called the career of Karl Schuricht “one of the most amazing artistic careers of our time.” Indeed, it is paradoxical in many respects. If Schuricht had retired at the age of, say, sixty-five, he would have remained in the history of musical performance as nothing more than a good master. But it was over the next two decades or more that Schuricht, in fact, grew from an almost “middle hand” conductor into one of the most brilliant artists in Germany. It was at this time of his life that…

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    Fritz Stiedry |

    Fritz Stiedry Date of birth 11.10.1883 Date of death 08.08.1968 Profession conductor Country Austria The magazine Life of Art wrote at the end of 1925: “The list of foreign conductors who performed on our stage was replenished with a major name … Before us is a musician of great culture and artistic sensitivity, combined with remarkable temperament and the ability to recreate in perfectly proportioned sonorities the deep musical artistic intention. The outstanding performance achievements of Fritz Stiedry were appreciated by the audience, who made the conductor a great success at the very first performance.” So the Soviet audience got acquainted with one of the outstanding representatives of the Austrian…

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    Lev Petrovich Steinberg (Steinberg, Leo) |

    Steinberg, Lev Date of birth 1870 Date of death 1945 Profession conductor Country Russia, USSR People’s Artist of the USSR (1937). In 1937, a group of outstanding creative workers was awarded the honorary title of People’s Artist of the USSR. Thus, the special merits of the masters of the older generation to the young art of the country of victorious socialism were noted. Among them is Lev Petrovich Steinberg, who began his artistic career in the last century. He received his musical education at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, studying with prominent masters – von Ark, and then with A. Rubinstein in piano, Rimsky-Korsakov and Lyadov in composition. Graduation from the…

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    Maxim Dmitrievich Shostakovich |

    Maxim Shostakovich Date of birth 10.05.1938 Profession conductor Country Russia, USSR Born May 10, 1938 in Leningrad in the family of composer Dmitry Shostakovich. He graduated from the Central Music School at the Leningrad Conservatory and the piano department of the Moscow Conservatory. Since 1964, he worked as an assistant to conductor Veronika Dudarova at the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. Since 1965 he was an assistant to Evgeny Svetlanov in the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR. Since 1967, he led the Symphony Orchestra of the Central Television and All-Union Radio. In 1981 he emigrated to the USA, toured around the world. In 1994, for the first time after a…

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    George Solti |

    Georg solti Date of birth 21.10.1912 Date of death 05.09.1997 Profession conductor Country UK, Hungary Which of the modern conductors is the owner of the largest number of prizes and awards for recording on records? Although no such count has, of course, ever been made, some critics rightly believe that the current director and chief conductor of London’s Covent Garden Theatre, Georg (George) Solti, would have been a champion in this field. Almost every year, various international organizations, societies, firms and magazines honor the conductor with the highest honors. He is the winner of the Edison Prize awarded in the Netherlands, the American Critics Prize, the French Charles Cross Prize…

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    Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt |

    Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt Date of birth 05.05.1900 Date of death 28.05.1973 Profession conductor Country Germany Schmidt-Isserstedt’s conducting career is quite clearly divided into two parts. The first of these is a long period of work as an opera conductor, which he began in Wuppertal and continued in Rostock, Darmstadt. Schmidt-Issershtedt came to the opera house, graduating from the Higher School of Music in Berlin in composition and conducting classes and in 1923 received a doctorate in music. In the late thirties he headed the Hamburg and Berlin operas. A new stage in the activities of Schmidt-Isserstaedt came in 1947, when he was asked to organize and lead the orchestra of the…

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    Andras Schiff |

    András Schiff Date of birth 21.12.1953 Profession conductor, pianist Country UK, Hungary Hungarian pianist Andras Schiff is one of those who can be called a legend of contemporary performing arts. For more than 40 years he has been captivating listeners all over the world with the deepest readings of high classics and a subtle understanding of the music of the XNUMXth century. His interpretations of the works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, Bartok are considered to be standard due to the ideal embodiment of the author’s intention, the unique sound of the piano, and the reproduction of the true spirit of the great masters. It is no…

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    Viktor Georgievich Shirokov |

    Viktor Shirokov Date of birth 24.11.1914 Profession conductor Country the USSR Violinist, conductor; Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1957). In 1945 he graduated from the Saratov Conservatory. L. V. Sobinova (student of S. Deltsiev, L. Ginzburg); since 1938 concertmaster of the first violins and trainee conductor of the Saratov Theatre, since 1947 conductor. In 1962-78 at the Theater. Kirov. Under the direction of Shirokov, new ballets “A Distant Planet”, “Russia Entered the Port”, “Wonderland” were staged; capital renewals of a number of ballets were carried out. Shirokov’s repertoire included “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Nutcracker”, “Raymonda”, “The Flame of Paris”, “Laurencia”, “The Fountain of Bakhchisaray”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Bronze…

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    Hermann Scherchen |

    Herman Scherchen Date of birth 21.06.1891 Date of death 12.06.1966 Profession conductor Country Germany The mighty figure of Hermann Scherchen stands in the history of conducting art on a par with such luminaries as Knappertsbusch and Walter, Klemperer and Kleiber. But at the same time, Sherchen occupies a very special place in this series. A musical thinker, he was a passionate experimenter and explorer all his life. For Sherhen, his role as an artist was secondary, as if derived from all his activities as an innovator, tribune and pioneer of new art. Not only and not so much to perform what is already recognized, but to help music pave new…