Budget electric guitars

Budget electric guitars

Budget electric guitarsOne of the biggest problems of a young and sometimes older man who would like to start his adventure with the guitar is the purchase of an instrument. First of all, he does not know what guitar would be the most suitable for him and most often he would like to buy such an instrument for the lowest possible amount. When it comes to starting education, there are of course two schools. One strongly supports the fact that you should start learning on a traditional instrument such as a classical or acoustic guitar. The second school definitely commemorates the fact that learning should begin on the instrument on which you intend to play. We will not discuss here which of these schools is closer to the truth, but we will look at four inexpensive electric guitars, which should easily meet the expectations of not only beginner guitarists, but also those who already have their first musical paths well-worn. 


And we’ll start with the relatively cheapest proposition from Ibanez. The Gio GRX40-MGN model is a very interesting proposition for beginners, but at the same time demanding guitarists who appreciate the quality of workmanship and good sound. The new Ibanez Gio GRX40, with a poplar body, has a very balanced sound, coping well with both distortion and clean tones. A universal set of pickups with a strong humbucker in the bridge position and two classic single-coils (midrange and neck), allows you to move freely in various types of rock music. Comfortable neck and ergonomic shape of the body guarantee playing comfort and great design. We recommend beginner and intermediate guitarists who are looking for an inexpensive instrument that will be able to find themselves in virtually any musical genre. (1) Ibanez Gio GRX40-MGN – YouTube

Ibanez Gio GRX40-MGN
Our second proposition is the Aria Pro II Jet II CA. Unlike many inexpensive instruments available on the market, Aria guitars are characterized by very good workmanship and careful selection of components. The latest guitars refer directly to the well-known classic constructions, but also have their own individual character. The Aria Pro II Jet II is a modern singlecut model with a bolt-on maple neck, poplar body and rosewood fingerboard. On board, two single coil pickups, a three-position switch, two potentiometers. It is a very interesting proposition from this Japanese manufacturer, which should be included as a compulsory model for testing. (1) Aria Pro II Jet II CA – YouTube

Our third proposal comes from a real music giant when it comes to the production of musical instruments. The Yamaha Pacifica 112 is one of the most popular beginner electric guitars. It deserved this name thanks to its solid sound, good quality, affordable price and high sonic versatility. This was due to several factors: Alder body with a screw-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets of a medium jumbo. The sound is a humbucker on a ceramic magnet and two singles on alnico magnets. This configuration provides a very wide variety of sound. If you like hard sounds, just switch to the humbucker pickup and use distortion. Then we can play music from genres from rock to heavy metal. However, if you prefer lighter and softer sounds, there is nothing to prevent a single coil pickup on the neck. Then you will get a warm and very clean sound. We have a five-position switch and two potentiometers: tone and volume. The bridge is a vintage type tremolo and the headstock has 6 oil keys. The body is finished with a transparent matte varnish that shows the grain of the wood. If you are looking for a proven instrument in this price segment, you can be sure of this model. (1) Yamaha Pacifica 112J – YouTube


Yamaha Pacifica 112J


And as the last one, we want to introduce you to the LTD Viper 256P electric guitar. It is a bit more expensive than those presented above, but it is still a budget segment. LTD Viper is a variation on the Gibosno SG. The 256 series, due to its reasonable price, is rather aimed at a beginner guitarist, but also a professional guitarist should not be ashamed of it. The performance of the instrument is at a very high level, and this model with an additional “P” marking refers directly to the SG Classic model, equipped with P9 pickups (single-coil). This guitar sounds brighter and resonant than the traditional model with humbucker pickups. Thanks to this solution, this model will be perfect for softer sounds, all kinds of rock and blues. The rest of the specification remained the same – the body and neck are made of mahogany and the fingerboard is made of rosewood. The quality of workmanship, as befits the LTD instruments, is very good and the instrument will prove itself both during everyday practice and on stage. (1) LTD Viper 256P – YouTube

The presented guitars are a perfect example of the fact that you can buy a very well-made instrument for a small amount of money, which will not only be perfect for home practice, but will also be able to sound well on stage. Each of these guitars has its own individual character, so it is really worth testing them all and choosing the most appropriate one. 


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