Pavel Arnoldovich Yadykh (Yadykh, Pavel) |

Pavel Arnoldovich Yadykh (Yadykh, Pavel) |

Yadykh, Pavel

Date of birth
the USSR

Pavel Arnoldovich Yadykh (Yadykh, Pavel) |

Until 1941, Yadykh played the violin. The war interrupted his studies: the young musician served in the Soviet Army, participated in the defense of Kyiv, Volgograd, the capture of Budapest, Vienna. After demobilization, he graduated from the Kyiv Conservatory, first as a violinist (1949), and then as a conductor with G. Kompaneyts (1950). Starting independent work as a conductor in Nikolaev (1949), he then led the symphony orchestra of the Voronezh Philharmonic (1950-1954). In the future, the artist’s activities are closely connected with North Ossetia. Since 1955 he has been the head of the symphony orchestra in Ordzhonikidze; here Yadykh did a lot for the formation of the collective and the promotion of music. In 1965-1968, the conductor led the Yaroslavl Philharmonic Orchestra, and then returned to Ordzhonikidze again. Yadykh regularly tours the cities of the Soviet Union, performing with various programs in which Soviet music plays a significant role.

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