How to take care of your hearing during the festival holidays?

How to take care of your hearing during the festival holidays?

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MUSISZ TO ZABRAĆ NA FESTIWAL | Zanim będzie za późno!

The festival season is fast approaching. For many, it is the best way to spend their holidays and they often decide to go on festival trips with the whole family. The choice in recent years has been really impressive – the Polish Opener Festival, Sunrise Festival, Pol’N’Rock, OFF Festival. Czech Colors Of Ostrava, Rock For People or Hungarian Sziget. This is only a small fraction of what happens during the holiday season in Poland and its vicinity.

When deciding to spend your free days in this way, in addition to proper logistic and financial preparation, it is worth taking care of your hearing, which nowadays is exposed to a large dose of decibels, and is strained above the norm in festival conditions.

The modern sound system is able to knock you into the ground, providing an amazing experience during the concerts of our favorite artists. At the same time, a large dose of sound can disastrously affect our hearing, sometimes damaging it irreversibly. If we are going to a festival or concert with children, we should think about appropriate protection even more. A child’s ear is exposed to the undesirable effects of noise to a much greater extent than that of an adult !!!

So how do you deal with this problem?

The best solution is earplugs, in other words earplugs, which naturally blink excess decibels. However, the decision to choose the right ones is not so simple. Cheap or (horror of horror!) Stopwatches distributed for free not only do not protect our hearing properly, they still completely destroy the sounds we perceive. By cutting the bandwidth, they deform the actual sound heard from the stage. To put it simply – there is no full fun from the concert and we destroy our hearing anyway.

How to take care of your hearing during the festival holidays?

So what to choose?

The company’s products will be the most sensible choice Alpine – the undisputed leader in the production of earplugs and hearing protection products. The company offers a very wide selection of plugs for various types of applications, but if we want to focus on protection during loud concerts, the Alpine MusicSafe Pro model will be the best choice. The product is appreciated and used by professional acoustics, sound engineers and musicians. Designed in such a way as not to lose anything while listening to a concert, but only to optimally mute the whole thing to a level that is safe for our health.

So, pack your backpacks, tents, whatever you want and don’t forget about it Alpine MusicSafe Pro!!!

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