A thing about a singer’s indispensable tool

A thing about a singer’s indispensable tool

A thing about a singers indispensable tool

In the previous article I wrote about the fact that the microphone is a singer’s best friend, but it is not just friendship that man lives. Now there will be something about true love, but let’s not get ahead of the facts. Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, on one warm summer night, I was returning from a concert and, as it is after the concert, I was in a state of excitement. For the purposes of the article, I will mention that these were the raptures of the musical genre. I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the night bus, with the keyboard under my arm. The music was still playing in my heart and I made the waiting time more enjoyable by whistling, stamping and singing the various melodies that popped into my head. Then! I started singing a melody that in my opinion was beginning to resemble the most beautiful melody I had ever heard. It is the one who dreams in the most pleasant dreams and fades away with the scream of the morning. I sang it more and more choking on how wonderful it is. Until the bus arrived. I kept singing. I took an empty seat and continued without looking at my fellow passengers. It was a long way home and I was slowly losing my strength. I knew that if I stopped singing the greatest melody in the world that was supposed to change the course of music history, I would have nothing to record at home because I would forget it. I had nothing with me to register this melody. For anger, even the phone had run out of energy. I reached for my last resort, the multi-toothed monster I hugged in my arms. “Okay, what sound does the melody begin with? Uuu … Okay, from D. What’s next? A fifth up, a fourth down, a second minor up, a second major down, a third … Okay, so it goes like this … “ – and I start playing the keyboard. What I had in my head, I typed on the keys, hoping that the best of the machines, i.e. the pianist’s fingers, would recreate what my head did not remember. And so I played all the way, without audio, for Beethoven.

What was my and my household’s surprise when, after reaching the apartment, I fired the keyboard to perform the most beautiful melody in the world. When I hit the keys, it turned out that I was playing something between “Kurki Trzy” and “Last Sunday”. The curtain comes down.

“Always carry the voice recorder with you. Not only to tire the environment by asking the stupidest questions that come to mind, but above all to be able to capture all the great ideas that usually like to come at the most unexpected moments. For me, the voice recorder is like home keys or a wallet. Without it, I don’t go anywhere. Most of my songs are very spontaneous. In this process, a voice recorder is simply essential. “

 How to choose the right voice recorder for you?

  1. Pay attention to the recording format. By default, it should be mp3 and WMA and DSS in the case of professional Olympus devices.
  2. The more developed the recording playback function, the better. The built-in speaker can help. There is more trouble with headphones (you must have them with you). And if we have the function of looping any fragment of the recording, we are already in cloud nine.
  3. The backlit display will make it easier to work in the dark, after all, the best ideas arise from the darkness of the unconscious.
  4. Memory capacity is important, especially when our idea becomes a wonderful endless post-rock symphony. If the built-in memory of the device is not enough (and usually they have 1 GB), we can expand it with a Flash card.
  5. The time of the voice recorder in recording mode is important, especially if you do not like to replace the batteries too often. The minimum recording time with the same set of batteries is 15 hours, but better devices can record already 70 hours of material.

Several proven voice recorders:

ZooM H1 V2 (359 PLN) ESI Record M (519 PLN) Tascam DR 07 MkII (538 PLN) Yamaha Pocketrak PR 7 (541 PLN) ZooM H2n (559 PLN) Olympus LS-3 (699 PLN) ZooM H5 (1049 PLN) Zoom H6 (1624 PLN)


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