How is the piano transported?

How is the piano transported?

Special care and respect should be exercised when transporting large, fragile and sensitive musical instruments such as pianos or pianos. Often this becomes a real test for those who move. New pianos are usually shipped in rigid containers and padded packaging to prevent the instrument from coming into contact with the transport. But the older the instrument, the more sensitive and, if you like, capricious it is. Therefore, special care and attention should be shown when organizing his move.

How is the piano transported?

How to organize high-quality transportation of a piano

First of all, you should take care of the loaders who have the skills to engage in loading and unloading operations using rigging devices and equipment.

All stages of preparing the instrument for transportation:

• primary packaging;
• movement on steps or elevator descent – rise;
• loading;
• fastening on transport;
• direct transportation;
• unloading;
• moving to the place of unpacking and installation – must be accompanied by additional safety net.

Lifting devices for carrying heavy loads will help loaders do their work without complications and negative impact on the tool: shoulder straps and straps, chest systems, safety slings, softening pads. You should also take care of special soft, protective fastenings on transport. The outer packaging of the instrument is obligatory, it must be soft, dense and thick. For example: bubble wrap, polyethylene foam. Such material is often sold by professional moving companies.

Guaranteed safe moving of your favorite musical instrument.

How is the piano transported?

Transportation of a heavy piano with a fragile and sensitive internal mechanism should be carried out by rigging professionals. Only they can guarantee the integrity, safety and serviceability of your instrument. Therefore, when organizing a move and ordering a team of loaders, transport, be sure to indicate the transportation of the piano in a separate line. Then the carrier will be prepared, and the transport will be equipped, and loaders with rigging devices. The rigging equipment will help to store the tool and protect it from large concussions during transportation. And you, as a customer, will be protected from troubles and losses.

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