Budget classical guitars

Budget classical guitars

Classical guitar is one of those guitars that are most often chosen to start learning. It is also the kind of guitar that we can always take with us and play it under any conditions. A classical guitar is an acoustic instrument, i.e. one that does not need a power supply as is the case with electric guitars. Contrary to the name that was assigned to it, the classical guitar is not only used to play the classics, although of course if we want to cultivate this kind of music, the classical guitar will be the most appropriate for this. The classical guitar is very suitable for accompaniment during a feast-focal singing, in the music of shanties or flamenco. When buying a classical guitar, it is worth to specify its intended purpose immediately. Is it supposed to serve us for typically educational purposes and we want to, for example, study at a music school, or is it to serve us as a travel instrument on which we will accompany each other while singing. 

I invite you to a short review of classic guitars, one of the most interesting models that do not cost millions and sound really good. Remember that classical guitar has to sound really good, especially if we want to play more ambitious songs in the future. And our first proposition worth considering is Miguel Esteva – the Marta model. It is a 4/4 size classical guitar, intended for older children and adults. The bottom and sides of the instrument are made of mahogany, the front is made of spruce, the neck is also mahogany, and the fingerboard is dark walnut. The whole is finished with a natural, matte varnish, which with an accessible neck profile gives a very good base not only for learning to play, but also for more advanced guitarists. This guitar is at a very attractive price and costs around 700 PLN. In this price range, it is a really great proposition. (5) New quality from Miguel Esteva – model Marta! | Muzyczny.pl – YouTube

Nowa jakość od Miguel Esteva - model Marta! | Muzyczny.pl

Our second proposal also comes from Miguel Esteva, this time it is a slightly more expensive model Julia, size 4/4, for which we will have to pay around 1000 PLN. It is currently the highest model in the offer of the Spanish manufacturer and is dedicated to anyone looking for a noble-sounding and carefully made classical guitar at an attractive price. The body is made of mahogany, as is the neck. The front is spruce and the fingerboard is dark walnut. The whole is finished with a natural, matte varnish. In terms of quality, we get a very solid and comfortable instrument, which is ideal for music education, where an accurate, good-sounding and tuning instrument is needed. (5) Miguel Esteva Julia – YouTube

Miguel Esteva Julia

Another budget proposal comes from the world tycoon when it comes to the production of musical instruments from Yamaha. The C40 is one of the most popular and most frequently chosen instruments by both beginner and intermediate guitarists as well as those who think more about music. The guitar is well made, sounds great and is very comfortable. The top is spruce, the bottom and sides are made of meranti wood, the neck is nato and the fingerboard is rosewood. It is not for nothing that game teachers often recommend this guitar. Yamaha is famous for the strict quality control that ensures the finish of the instrument is perfect. The very favorable price / quality ratio leaves the competition far behind. (5) Yamaha C40 – YouTube

And to conclude our review, we propose La Mancha Rubinito LSM. The La Mancha company is a German company specializing in the production of good quality instruments at very affordable prices. The guitars of this manufacturer are characterized by accuracy and repeatability. The Rubinito LSM has mahogany backs and sides, and a cedar front for a warm, full-bodied classic sound. An additional advantage is the brand Savarez strings fitted as standard. In its price range, La Mancha Rubinito is a tasty morsel for both beginners and more advanced guitarists.(5) Gitary test La Mancha Rubinito LSM – YouTube

The times when you had to spend a fortune on a classical guitar that sounded good are gone. Today, thanks to high technology, we can buy a new instrument that sounds really good at a very affordable price. Of course, let’s remember that there are also instruments in the budget segment that should be avoided. However, if you are looking for proven classic models, the ones presented above should meet your expectations as much as possible. 



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