Framus guitars

Framus guitars

Framus is a German company founded in 1946 that specializes in the production of guitars. In the mid-1995s, the company could not withstand the competition and had to suspend its activities, which resumed with great force in 30 as part of the large corporation Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG in Markneukirchen. Over the last XNUMX years, the company has managed to develop a very strong position on the music market, producing high-class instruments in which German violin makers and engineers skillfully combine proven design solutions with the latest, innovative technical concepts. In addition to a wide range of electric guitars, the company also offers head and combo amplifiers, columns and strings. 

The manufacturer offers both budget instruments for beginner guitarists and high-quality professional ones for the most demanding musicians. We will present two models of electric guitars from the mid-price segment, which are characterized by excellent craftsmanship at a very reasonable price. The first of the proposed models is Framus Diablo from the so-called D-series, which is intended for guitarists with a less affluent wallet, but equipped just as well as the tall models of this manufacturer. The Diablo Pro is an electric guitar reminiscent of the classic ’80s super-loss. Alder body with a screw-in maple neck and ebony fingerboard. The scale of the guitar is 25,5 inches. The neck has the shape of a flattened letter “C”, and its width at the saddle is 43mm, and at the twelfth fret – 53mm. Plus a movable Wilkinson bridge and Framus oil wrenches. The keys are equipped with a special string locking system. Three Seymour Duncan pickups, TB-4, SSL-1 and SCR-1 are responsible for the sound. In addition, a volume potentiometer, a push pull tone potentiometer that disconnects the coils and a five-position switch, which gives us 9 different sounds. With the guitar we get Warwick strap-locks and a very useful gigbag. All accessories of this guitar are black. When it comes to creating the sound, we can adapt this guitar to virtually any musical genre. (2) Framus Diablo – YouTube

The second of Pathera Supreme’s Framus D Series. It is also a model from the D-series, which is very well equipped and at the same time for which we will not have to pay millions. The Panthera Supreme is a six-string electric guitar with a glued-in neck and a 24 ¾ inch scale. The body of the instrument is made of mahogany, as is the neck. There is a beautiful maple veneer on the body and an ebony fingerboard on the neck. Two Seymour Duncan pickups, SH-4 and SH-1 are responsible for the sound. In addition, a volume and tone potentiometer, a three-position switch and a graphite saddle. The mechanics of the guitar are Framus oil tuners and a tune-o-matic bridge. Along with the instrument, we get Warwick locks and a guitar case. The Framus Panthera Supreme looks quite massive like the Les Paul and weighs only 3.5 kg, which is undoubtedly a big plus. With a compact structure, great, perceptible stiffness and a center of gravity located somewhere around the neck pickup, we get undisputed convenience and comfort of the game. Even in a sitting position, the Framus Panthera remains stable and does not fly in either direction. The sound of the instrument can be really adjusted to your expectations. Among other things, we can get soft and light, which allows for free bending in the range of more than one tone, returning exactly to the outfit. The guitar has possibilities and allows for precise technical playing.  (2) Framus D Series Pathera Supreme – YouTube
Framus D Series Pathera Supreme

Without two sentences, the Framus D-series guitar is one of the most interesting proposition for a demanding guitarist looking for a well-made instrument with high-quality accessories at a reasonable price.

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