Where can I play the piano?

Where can I play the piano?

Where can I play the piano?

One of the brightest memories of my childhood is entering a music school. Or rather, I don’t remember the very moment of admission, the faces of my examiners have been erased over the years, the image of the teacher emerges only after looking at the photographs… But I still remember that chill that gripped the tips of my fingers when I first touched the piano keys.

Years passed, and then one day I so painfully wanted to play my favorite melody. Where can I play the piano? Once this question arose, it did not leave me, which means I had to look for ways to solve it.

You can play the piano at a music school!

Where do they play the piano? That’s right, in a music school or college. However, going to these educational institutions was not successful for me, since legal access to the instruments was closed. I didn’t want to play, thinking that someone would come and interrupt my communication with beauty.

You can play the piano at your school!

Yes, by the way, for those who have not yet graduated from secondary school or are going to a class reunion, here’s an idea: you can play the piano there too! After all, you will certainly come across an instrument in some godforsaken old music class, in an assembly hall, or even in a corridor or under the stairs.

You can rent an instrument

If buying an instrument is also unacceptable for you, and you have neither the time nor the desire to take private lessons, try looking for a rental point in your city. In modern realities, there are not many of them left, but if you set a goal, you can find a suitable tool.

You can play the piano online on the Internet

If you are a fan of technological progress, and when playing the main thing for you is to produce at least some sounds, then you can try playing music on the piano online. For myself, I immediately ruled out this option, because I wanted to feel the magic of a real instrument. And hear the sound, not distorted by electronics.

For the same reason, the synthesizer was not suitable for me, although some modern models of electronic pianos can very successfully imitate the good old piano.

Let’s go play the piano in the cafe!

Not long ago, my girlfriends and I decided to visit a new cafe. And imagine my surprise when, on a small hill, I saw a piano on which visitors were allowed to play music. I would never have thought that to the question: “Where can I play the piano?” the answer would be: in a cafe.

This option, of course, is not suitable for everyone, since it takes courage to play at least a few chords in public. But if public speaking doesn’t bother you, and your repertoire includes something more than banal scales or a “Dog Waltz” played with one finger, then you can give yourself and those around you some magical moments. The main thing is to find a cafe or other establishment where any visitor is allowed to play the piano. This could be a community center or even a library.

Let’s go play the piano in the anti-cafe!

And you don’t need to think that finding such a place is like living your life. It’s just that now, like mushrooms after rain, all sorts of anti-cafes are opening – these are places where the visitor is free to do whatever he likes, paying only for the time of his stay (at a rate of 1 ruble per minute).

So, in such anti-cafes you can not only just play the piano, but even organize your own musical or literary-musical evening. You can remember all your classmates from music school and arrange an unforgettable meeting. As a rule, the administration of such institutions is very willing to help the organizer and supports enthusiasm in every possible way.

You can play the piano at a party.

After weighing all the pros and cons, I gradually leaned towards the decision to rent a piano. True, I still had to figure out how to squeeze it into a rented small apartment, and at the same time leave room to move around it. I was returning home, all in thought, when suddenly…

Whether it was chance or providence heard me, new neighbors were moving into my entrance. And the first thing that was unloaded from the car was a dark coffee-colored piano, exactly like the instrument that my parents had collecting dust.

Now I knew exactly where to play the piano. And this option really turned out to be the most optimal. I not only remembered my childhood dream, but also found new friends. Look around, maybe the realization of your cherished dream is also somewhere nearby?

And finally, another secret way to get the desired communication with the instrument. Many people just go to play the piano, guitar or drum kit…

to the music store!

Good luck to you!

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