Chord chart for six-string guitar

Chord chart for six-string guitar

Complete XNUMX-string guitar chord chart with explanations

The presented guitar chord table is very convenient, since all the chords in it are shown on the first six frets of the fretboard. You should pay attention to the discrepancy between some chords in Russian and foreign editions – this is the second and third line of the table. The chord second line Bb (B flat) in Russian editions is written as B. The chord third line B (B) in Russian editions is written as H. The seventh chord of the first line Ama7 is written in Russian editions as Amaj7. Now a word or two about the other two chords in the six-string guitar chart. We are talking about the fourth and fifth columns of chords – they are indicated here only by signs – and +. The diminished seventh chord familiar to us as A dim in the chord table is designated as A -. The augmented triad is here denoted by A+ in our editions it is written as A+5.

Chord chart for six-string guitarNow some information not for professionals. In this guitar chord table the second line Bb is the same as A# so if you need A# chords you use the second line. The same can be said about Eb – the seventh line, Gb – the tenth line and Ab the twelfth line of the chord table. Line Eb =D#, line Gb = F# and line Ab = G#. Read the article “How to read guitar chords” on this site and you will understand the structure of the chord table more clearly.

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