Stage lamps

Stage lamps

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Stage lighting, next to the sound system, occupies the most important place, because the whole mood of a given event or event depends on its quality and setting. Therefore, this type of stage lighting should be equipped with every theater stage and the one where various types of music concerts, shows or presentations take place. The so-called the play of lights in this type of event plays a very important role, it builds the atmosphere, creates the atmosphere of the entire event, highlights the most important elements and stage zones.

In the case of music concerts, the lighting must additionally be well synchronized with the music in terms of rhythm and tempo. In theatrical productions, it is the lighting that is responsible for the entire mood and atmosphere of the performance. It can, for example, imitate the time of day at which a given theater scene takes place.

Contrary to appearances, illuminating the stage well is not as easy as it might seem. Of course, you need good quality equipment, but also appropriate knowledge of setting, programming and connecting individual lights as well as internal intuition. Often, changes in settings during such a concert or performance must be carried out at a very fast pace.

Fixing the lighting

Some of the stage’s structural elements can be used to mount the stage lighting. Various types of handles are used for this, which should be suitably light and solid at the same time. If our lighting is to be mounted outdoors, remember that the material from which the fixing is made should be made of a material resistant to external weather conditions such as wind, rain or high temperatures. Various types of spotlights and projectors on a tripod can be mounted using the transverse beams of the stage. In addition to the construction elements of the stage, to which we attach our lighting devices, it is worth using tripods and free-standing ramps. However, we should remember that they must be properly adapted to the place and the prevailing conditions. First of all, they must be very stable and preferably placed in places where they cannot be accessed by outsiders.

Stage lamps

Stage lighting

It is good to have the stage illuminated from every level, i.e. from above, from the sides and from below. Of course, rarely all lights work at once, but such facilities allow you to configure almost inorganic lighting patterns.

Intelligent lighting

To provide the audience with maximum experience, it is worth using advanced technology, thanks to which you can create a real light show. Of course, today such large shows are fully computer-synchronized, and a human being only programs the given lighting sequences and supervises the whole. Such computer-controlled intelligent stage devices include, among others lasers, moving heads or strobes. The signal for these devices is sent from the console supervised by the lighting engineer. Intelligent party lighting allows dimming, color change, setting any color configuration, full synchronization with the music and rhythm.

LED lighting

When organizing a concert or performance, it is also worth using LED devices whose LEDs are characterized by much lower energy consumption, low failure rate and high durability.

Lighting is one of the most important elements that should be paid attention to when organizing an event such as a music concert, performance or show. It should be mandatory in cultural facilities, such as cinemas, theaters or concert halls. It triggers additional feelings, and with a good configuration, it constitutes a large percentage of successful fun.

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