Hm (BM) chord on guitar
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Hm (BM) chord on guitar

The article will be devoted to the clamp barre chord Hm on the guitar: how to put it and clamp it. In short, this is the same Am chord, only set on the 3rd fret (that is, we hold all the strings on the 2nd fret with our index finger).

Hm (BM) chord fingerings

in words, it’s all simple, but let’s see how it looks in reality

what does the Hm chord look like?        Hm (BM) chord on guitar

How to put (hold) the chord Hm (BM)

How to hold the Hm (BM) chord? You just have to remember that it is a copy of the Am chord, except that it is a barre and you need to pinch all the strings on the 2nd fret with your index finger.

The Hm chord itself is very simple if you already know how to play F chord. If you don’t know how, then you will have to learn how to put the F chord first – and only then move on to studying other barre chords.

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