H chord on guitar
Chords for the guitar

H chord on guitar

Here I will tell and show in pictures, how to put and hold an H chord On guitar. It’s a barre chord that sounds a bit like an H7 chord, but not exactly the same.

H chord fingering

well let’s see H chord fingering and let’s figure it out how to put it

H chord on guitar

as you can see, he himself no more difficult, for example, the Hm chord – and is very similar to it

How to put (clamp) an H chord

How is the H chord pinned? As I wrote above, it is very similar to the Hm chord, with one exception that the middle finger is placed not on the 2nd string of the 3rd fret, but on the 4th string of the 4th fret.

The scheme of your actions (for memorization) should look something like this:

First option:

The second option:

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