E chord on guitar
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E chord on guitar

As a rule, E chord on guitar for beginners only taught after learning the Am chord and the Dm chord. In sum, these chords (Am, Dm, E) make up the so-called “three thieves chords”, I recommend reading the history why they are called that.

The E chord is very similar to the Am chord – all fingers are on the same frets, but each one string higher. However, let’s get acquainted with the fingering of the chord and its setting.

E chord fingering

I met only two variants of the E chord, the picture below shows the version that 99% of guitarists use. You may notice that the fingering of this chord is almost identical to the Am chord, only all fingers should be pinching the string higher. Just compare two pictures.


How to put (hold) an E chord

So, How do you play an E chord on a guitar? Yes, almost identical to the Am chord.

In terms of the complexity of the setting, it is exactly the same as in A minor (Am).

It looks like this:

E chord on guitar

There is nothing difficult in staging an E chord on a guitar. By the way, I can recommend an exercise – change Am-Dm-E chords one by one or just Am-E-Am-E-Am-E, build muscle memory!

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