Lydia Martynovna Auster (Lydia Auster).

Lydia Martynovna Auster (Lydia Auster).

Lydia Auster

Date of birth
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the USSR

She received her musical education at the Leningrad (1931-1935) and Moscow (1938-1945) conservatories in the classes of M. Yudin and V. Shebalin. During his student years, he wrote 3 string quartets (1936, 1940, 1945), symphonic suites and overtures, vocal and chamber-instrumental works. After the end of the Great Patriotic War, L. M. Auster settled in Estonia, devoting many years to the study of Estonian folk music.

The ballet “Tiina” (“The Werewolf”) was written in 1955. In the musical dramaturgy of the ballet, the composer follows the traditions of Russian classics. The prologue is a complete symphonic picture. The everyday dances of the beginning of the second act received developed forms and are composed into a symphonic suite. The musical characteristics of the characters of the ballet (Tiina, Margus, the Taskmaster) are remembered thanks to the expressiveness of the melodic-harmonic turns and the brightness of the timbre coloring. Along with E. Kapp’s ballets, the Tiina ballet played an important role in the development of Estonian choreographic culture.

L. Auster is the author of the children’s ballet “Northern Dream” (1961).

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