C chord on guitar
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C chord on guitar

It is recommended to go to this article if you have already experienced what chords are, and you already have an Am chord and a Dm chord and an E chord in your arsenal. If not, then I recommend learning them first.

Well, we, in the old fashioned way, in this article we will study how to put C chord on guitar for beginners. By the way, this chord will probably be one of the most difficult chords for beginners. Why – you will understand further.

How to play (hold) a C chord

There are many different variations of the C chord setting on the Internet, I offer my own. In this chord, we will have to use four (!) fingers at once.

Wow! – you will say, and you will be right in something, because C chord on guitar something not for beginners at all 🙂

And this miracle looks like this:

C chord on guitar

No matter how much I searched, everywhere the information is such that the C chord for beginners is put without clamping the sixth string. That is, only the 5th, 4th and 2nd strings are clamped, and the 5th string is clamped not by the little finger, but by the index finger. But this is fundamentally wrong, because in this case the open 6th string gives a terrible sound. In any case, you will have to relearn if you do not bother to learn it right from the beginning, so learn to bet right away!

This chord is quite difficult for beginners… When I was learning to play the guitar (which was 10 years ago), it was the most difficult chord for me. I constantly “lacked the length” of my fingers to properly clamp all the strings. But, as they say, practice solves all problems at once – and over time I learned how to play this chord normally.

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