G chord on guitar
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G chord on guitar

In this article I will tell you how to put and clamp G chord on guitar for beginners. As a rule, it is taught only after learning the Am, Dm and E chords, and it is so common that it is studied simultaneously with the C chord (which I highly recommend), because they go after each other in 90% of the songs (first G, then FROM). By learning the chords Am, Dm, E, C, G, A (six chords), you will be able to play a huge number of songs on the guitar, so go for it!

The G chord is not so difficult, but still a certain skill is needed here – the 1st, 5th and 6th strings are clamped, some kind of stretching of the fingers will be needed.

G chord fingering

I’ve come across several variants of the G chord, but here is the main one for beginners

   G chord on guitar

When I was learning I first explained it like this: you need to clamp only 1 string at the 3rd fret – and that’s it. This was the easiest chord for me. BUT! I strongly recommend not to repeat my mistakes – and to hold the chord properly!

How to put (clamp) a G chord

So, How do you play a G chord on a guitar? Nothing complicated, really.

There is nothing difficult in staging a G chord on a guitar. As always, make sure that all strings sound without rattling or other third-party sounds.

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