A chord on guitar
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A chord on guitar

In this article I will tell you how to put and clamp A chord on guitar for beginners. Well, this is probably the last chord for beginners to learn. The fact is that there is a so-called “six chords” (the most popular) with which you can play most chord songs. These are the chords Am, Dm, E, G, C and directly A. You can view and study them all on the “Chords for Beginners” page.

The A chord is different in that here the strings are pressed on the same fret, one after the other – the second. Let’s see what it looks like.

A chord fingering

For this chord, I met only 2 ways of clamping, but again, since this article is for beginners, we will consider only the simplest, most uncomplicated option.

   A chord on guitar

Initially, it seems that the A chord is very simple, however, this is not entirely true. The fact is that there is not much space on the fret to place 3 fingers there at once. Therefore, it will not be possible to quickly place all the fingers at first. So the thing is that all the strings should sound good – that’s the catch! But nothing, in time you will get used to everything.

How to put (clamp) an A chord

How to hold an A chord on a guitar? By the way, this is the first chord where you need the little finger instead of the index finger for setting. So:

In fact, there is nothing complicated in setting the A chord – and it is very easy to remember (4, 3 and 2 strings, clamped on the second fret). But still, for a normal game and staging, some kind of practice is required.

A chord often used in the choruses of songs, because it sounds quite peculiar. It is somewhat similar to the Am chord and sometimes replaces it in the refrains of songs. 

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