Basic guitar chords for beginners
Chords for the guitar

Basic guitar chords for beginners

The very first test that all beginner guitarists face is learning basic guitar chords . For those who have picked up an instrument for the first time, learning chords can seem like an impossible task, because there are thousands of different fingerings and it is not entirely clear which way to approach them. The very thought of having to memorize so many things can discourage any desire to make music.

The good news is that most of these chords will never come in handy in your life. First you need to learn only 21 chords , after which you should familiarize yourself with collections of simple songs for beginners that use basic guitar chords:

  • light songs ;
  • popular songs .

These collections are constantly updated with new songs that use simple guitar chords for beginners , the basic fingerings of which we will cover on this page.

4 Basic Guitar Chords (For Beginners)

Learning six-string guitar chords is worth starting with the chords that you see in the picture below, because they are used in most easy songs for beginners .

Basic guitar chords for beginners: Am, Dm, E, C
Basic chord fingerings: Am, Dm, E, C

Easy Guitar Chords: Basic Fingerings

If you already have Am, Dm, E and C chords memorized, it’s time to go ahead and learn the rest of the guitar chords for beginners . As you know, there are 7 notes. A wide variety of chord forms are built from each of them, but major and minor chords are most common. A little less often – seventh chords. All other chord forms are not so common, so in this article we will only touch on the simplest and most common guitar chords.

Chord fingerings A, Am, A7
Fingerings A, Am, A7

These chords are enough to master most popular guitar songs . I suggest you don’t waste your time learning all the different chord fingerings you can find. Instead, try to memorize those chords that we have analyzed in this article and start learning your favorite songs .

As you learn new songs, you will certainly come across unfamiliar chords, but then you will have a great incentive to memorize them. Plus, it’s a lot more fun than just sitting around cramming chord fingerings.

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